September 2016

Siblings’ plea as abuser jailed for 20 years

A paedophile pensioner has been jailed for 20 years for a campaign of physical and sexual abuse against three siblings.

The victims of a paedophile pensioner have called on all abuse victims to come forward and unmask those who may have also ruined their lives.

The call by three siblings came as their 64-year-old abuser William Robb was jailed for 20 years for his “campaign” of physical and sexual abuse.

Robb, from London Road in Belfast was unanimously convicted last month of 61 charges involving the sexual abuse of two sisters – one who was repeatedly raped – and the verbal and physical abuse of their brother.

Judge Gordon Kerr QC said “this was a case involving the depraved corruption of two young girls, whom he used cynically to satisfy his lust”.

He said Robb had carried out a campaign of abuse, involving a multiplicity of offences against vulnerable defenceless youngsters, In addition to his breach of trust Robb “has previous convictions for sexual offending…refuses to accept his guilt and is entirely without acceptance or remorse.

“This case requires a substantial sentence to mark society’s abhorrence of such abusive behaviour towards children,” Judge Kerr told Antrim Crown Court.

Robb had also, commented Judge Kerr, “contested the case, thus requiring all three victims to give evidence and to that extent relive the depraved behaviour which the sisters in particular were subjected to”.

The abuse of the older girl began, when aged 9 or 10, with sexual touching in her bedroom, but quickly progressed to multiple rapes up until she was 14.

Her younger sister was also abused in her bed, but this began when she was aged just five and ended when she was eight or nine.

Turning to her brother, Judge Kerr said the abuse in his case Robb had both mentally and physically abused him. This at times would manifest itself in “slapping and pushing him”, but progressed to “punching, stamping and kicking him”.

The victims waived their right to full anonymity so their abuser could be named, and to encourage other victims to come forward.

However, in their statement urging others to do as they had done, warned that, “it is not an easy journey, we will not pretend it is, but there is support for you, and remember, like us, you are the victim and you have done nothing wrong. Please come forward”.

“We implore anyone who has been abused, no matter how long ago to come forward to the police and tell your story. They will listen to you. It does not matter if your abuser is a member of the church, the establishment…come forward and give evidence, all paedophiles need to be brought to justice”.

In a separate statement one of the girls repeated that just because Robb “has been put in jail, it does not take away the fact that out lives were ruined”.