September 2016

Pervert found guilty of having child-sex images on his computer

A Rotherham man charged with ‘possessing indecent photographs’ of children was convicted at Sheffield Crown Court.

Stephen Savidge, 53, from Aldervale Close, Swinton, was sentenced to a three year community order.

Mr Savidge was found in possession of over 250 photographs on his personal computer, 19 were deemed Category A, with 20 falling under Category B.

Prosecuting Barrister, Carl Fitch QC said: “The images were of girls aged from four to eleven.”

His Honour Judge Paul Slater imposed a minimum five year sexual harm prevention order on Savidge, and he was ordered to pay the £425 for the cost of the prosecution.

Mr Savidge must attend up to sixty days rehabilitation activity and become part of a sexual offenders programme.

Failure to comply with these orders will land him back in Crown Court. Addressing Mr Savidge, Judge Slater said: “You have been caught in possession of indecent imagery. You should have pleaded guilty at the first opportunity.

All your good name and character has been thrown away.” He added: “You have now acknowledged the full extent of your crimes, which I have taken into consideration.”