August 2016

‘Evil’ rapist drugged teenage victim and used her as accomplice while he raided homes


A rapist jailed has been jailed after he abused a vulnerable girl.

Kevin Thorburn, 35, formerly of Finsbury Street in Sunderland, was sentenced to eight years imprisonment at Newcastle Crown Court.

He previously pleaded guilty to rape of a female over a three and a half year period.

From the age of 13, the vulnerable girl was abused by Thornton who gave her drugs and took advantage of her.

The prolific burglar also used her as an accomplice, making her act as lookout while he raided homes.

Detective Constable Angela Hewitt was the officer in charge of the investigation into Thorburn.

She said: “Thorburn is a horrible man who preyed on the vulnerability of a young girl.

“To suffer such horrific abuse from a young age has undoubtedly had an effect on the victim and she has had a lot to deal with and overcome. Despite all this she has managed to move on and has completely turned her life around and I’m incredibly proud of the transformation she has made to her life from when I first her met her to now. It really is incredible and I’m so pleased she has been able to move on and not let the abuse from Thorburn ruin her life anymore.

“I would like to thank her for having the confidence to come forward and speak to us and allowing us to make sure Thorburn paid for his actions and hope it gives other victims the courage to come forward. ”

Thorburn will also be subject to a Sexual Harm Prevention Order for 20 years.