April 2016

Cambridge knifeman angered by ‘paedo’ taunt

A man who took part in sexual activity with three underage girls has been jailed for two months after he threatened to stab tormentors who had branded him a “paedo”.

Kevin Nall, 21, armed himself with a kitchen knife after being “wound up” just days after receiving a suspended sentence for the sex offences, Cambridge Crown Court was told.

Nall’s mother called the police after he went out with the knife making threats.

Nall, of Station Road, Histon, admitted possessing a knife and breaching a suspended sentence.

Judge Jonathan Haworth told Nall: “You over-reacted and you took a knife from your kitchen to use to scare people with it. That is not acceptable.”

He did not put the eight month suspended sentence imposed for the sex offences into effect and Nall, who had been in custody for a month, would be released shortly afterwards.

Maryam Syed, prosecuting, said Nall was given the suspended sentence in March for sexual activity with a child, but within days had armed himself with the four inch kitchen knife after he had been called a “paedo”.

“It was this defendant’s mother who called the police just before 8.20pm to indicate that he was outside with a knife threatening to kill them,” Miss Syed said.

She said people had been “winding him up” after the earlier court case and that he said he was going to kill some people.

Miss Syed said: “The police then spoke to Mr Nall and he indicated that he had the knife because ‘Nobody had the right to call him a paedo’.”

She said Nall told police: “I walked up to the petrol station because I intended to find them and stab them.”

Miss Syed said Nall had been involved in a telephone call when he could hear people calling him a “paedo” and responded by saying that if they didn’t stop he would “come and stab you and slice you into pieces.”

Claire Matthews, mitigating, said Nall “had respect” for his mother in calling the police and that his spell in custody had been a salutary experience.

The News told how in March Nall admitted three offences of having sexual activity with a child when he appeared at Cambridge Crown Court.

He was given an eight month suspended sentence, a five year sexual offences prevention order and a two year supervision order. He was also put on the sex offenders’ register.

The court heard that Nall had engaged in sexual activity with a 13-year-old girl and that he also had sexual activity with two 14-year-olds.