September 2016

Paedophile had stash including sick video of woman’s sex with OCTOPUS is jailed


A man has been jailed for illegally possessing extreme pornography that shows a woman having sex – with a live OCTOPUS.

James Hush, 27, pleaded guilty to the charge of possessing disgusting, offensive and obscene images of sex between a human and an animal, at an earlier hearing.

He also admitted 11 other charges, that include possessing and making child sexual abuse images and voyeurism, dating back to between 2013 and 2015.

The court heard the police found 7,931 child sex images on laptops belonging to Hush which included 1167 of the worst kind, category A.

Hush had downloaded the images using a peer-to-peer computer programme which allowed him to receives files from countries across the world.

Police also seized recordings Hush had made of children getting changed at two swimming pools, the court heard.

Sentencing Hush to two years and eight months in prison, judge Stuart Baker said: “While it may not be illegal to produce this material in these countries it certainly is illegal to look at it in these countries and the more people that look at these images, the more like it is more likely that the people that produce them are likely to create them.”

Emma Kehoe prosecuting told the court that police raided the home that Hush shared with his parents in April 2015 and found the sick images.

After admitting what he had done to police, Hush continued to download images.

The court heard when police raided a different address he lived at in July 2015, they found more child sex images on a laptop and USB storage device.

Hush, of Blackpool, Lancs., was at work at the time officers visited his family home and after he returned he was confronted by his mother before he handed himself in to police.

Preston Crown Court heard that when interviewed by police, Hush said he had filmed the children at the swimming pools because a voice in his head had told him his life was boring and that he should do something exciting.

Hush, who was supported in court by his family, interrupted judge Baker as he was being sentence to protest his innocence.

He said: “I am not saying I haven’t done a terrible thing.

“I didn’t know the seriousness of them. They were just file names. I didn’t see the previews of them. I never shared them with anyone else.”

Despite Hush’s protest, judge Baker said: “These are moving images of children who were being subjected to sexual activity of a very serious kind.”

The judge also banned Hush from entering any swimming pool in the UK for ten years.