September 2016

School worker with indecent child image on computer walks free from court

A 24-year-old Cheltenham man with Asperger’s Syndrome has been conditionally discharged after he admitted possessing an indecent image of a child.

Last month Cameron Hawkins, who works with his caretaker father at a Cheltenham secondary school, was cleared by a jury of trying to incite a six year old boy to show him his bottom.

But he admitted possessing the indecent picture, found on his computer last May, and returned to court to be sentenced.

It had been alleged during the trial that Hawkins approached two small boys, aged five and six, in the toilets at the school where he worked. They were there for a summer camp at the school last August.

Hawkins was said to have played stone, paper, scissors, with the older boy and told him that if he won he would ‘check his bottom.’

Hawkins denied that he had said anything to the boy about looking at his bottom and he also denied he had any interest in children’s behinds.

He accepted that he had made internet searches for ‘child mooning’ and other related topics.

After reading reports on Hawkins the judge, Recorder Jane Rowley, said she would impose a conditional discharge in view of his condition, his impeccable previous character, and the level of support he receives from his very responsible parents.