September 2016

Suspended sentence for OAP caught with 5,000 indecent images of children


A pensioner was caught with 5,000 indecent images of children and videos of animals on his computer after he developed “a fascination” with them.

Bernard Marshall, 72, had his computers seized by police after he accessed an illegal website which showed explicit images of young children.

The sickening website also included graphic videos of a woman having sex with dogs.

Marshall, of Bellfield Avenue, east Hull, accessed the images over a five-year period but was spared jail.

Geraldine Kelly, prosecuting at Hull Crown Court, said police seized his electronic devices after he used a credit card to sign up to an illegal pornographic website.

“When he was interviewed he admitted looking at indecent images of children,” Miss Kelly said.

“He said he first looked at them when pop ups of indecent child images came up and he liked them. He said it was not a regular thing, but if it was something he liked he clicked on it.

“He saved images onto his discs. He liked it at first then later realised it was wrong. He sometimes looked at them and would get rid of them by reformatting them.”

Marshall was found with 164 of the most severe category A images, which included explicit images of extremely young children, along with 154 category B photos and 4,682 category C images. He pleaded guilty to eight counts of possessing indecent images and extreme pornographic images.

The court heard the more explicit images may have been inadvertently downloaded onto his hard drive, but that Marshall had also purposefully downloaded two videos, which were 22 minutes and 35 minutes in length, which showed a woman having sex with dogs.

“He admitted viewing the extreme pornographic videos and saving it to discs. He didn’t think it was wrong at first but now recognises it was.”

Richard Thompson, defending, said Marshall first viewed indecent images of children when they popped up while he was on Japanese porn sites involving underage teenagers.

He said the pensioner, who has had previous mental health issues, started to look at the illegal material over a substantial period.

“He allowed himself to be drawn into the use of illegal material and developed a fascination with some of the material that the defendant was found with, as the majority was in category C,” Mr Thompson said.

“With the websites he was searching, he discovered the availability of material with younger children. He insists category A or B was not his particular interest and when viewing that material it was relatively quickly deleted from the computer.”

Recorder Simon Jackson QC gave Marshall a 20 month prison sentence, suspended for two years. He was also instructed to attend the Northumbria Sex Offender Treatment Programme.

“It has been put to me some of the more extreme indecent material has been inadvertently downloaded as a by-product from your interest in the less serious band of indecent images,” he said.

“If it surfaced you had deliberately searched or had paid for material of the most extreme level I would have had no hesitation in making this sentence immediate.

“I’m persuaded having regard to your age, health and plea and the absence of the history of you having searching for this extreme material.”