September 2016

Paedophile who lured ’11-year-old girl’ for sex insists he’s ‘a good person’ 


A homeless paedophile who arranged to meet an 11-year-old girl was set up by vigilante pervert hunters – but when confronted insisted he is still a ‘good person’. 

Nathan Watson, 43, of Bristol, lured his young target with online messages and sent her a photo of his penis before calling her ‘baby’ when she told him she was 11.

But on the day he was meant to meet the ‘girl’ – who was actually a decoy – Watson was spooked and did not show up to the meeting place, prompting the female paedophile hunters to knock on his door and confront him.

The clip shows the moment the ‘investigators’ approach him in Bristol where he agrees to go outside to discuss the photos and messages he sent the ‘girl’.

After confirming his name he claims he wasn’t going to meet the girl because he ‘had a feeling it was a bit dodge’.

He goes on to tell the two women from ‘Internet Interceptors’ he thought the girl he was messaging was ‘quite young – 16 or 17’.

But they then appear to show him messages where the decoy tells him she is aged 11 and a reply where he wrote: ‘That’s ok baby’.

They then go on to accuse him of arranging to meet a 13-year-old in London previously and he replies: ‘S***.’

One woman then tells him: ‘It’s a bit ironic that you live across from a play park’.

But he answers ‘I’m not a – ‘ before he stops short.

The woman replies: ‘Go on, say the words ‘I’m not a paedophile’. Go on make my day.’

Watson repeats ‘I’m not, I’m not’ before calling himself ‘pathetic’ when he admits the photos he sent were of his penis.

He then tells them he was planning to do ‘charity work’ in Calais in the coming days and tries to convince the women he is ‘a good person’.

He adds: ‘I’m a good person believe it or not. I understand what you’re looking at.
‘Sometimes I don’t realise the age of people of people online. I should be a bit more savvy.’

The footage filmed at the hostel where Watson worked and lived was passed on to the police, who arrested him.

Watson pleaded guilty to attempting to sexually communicate with a child between July 14 and August 9, for the purpose of obtaining sexual gratification.

Judge Michael Roach at Bristol Crown Court on Wednesday adjourned the case pending a ‘vital’ report, for sentence on September 28.

He told Bristol Crown Court: ‘A report is ordered with no indication as to the sentence that he might receive. Obviously custody is an obvious option.’

Edward Hetherington, defending, told the court: ‘A meeting was arranged.

‘The decoy went but Mr Watson didn’t go, he stayed at home.

‘The decoy person obtained the defendant’s details online, went to his home and confronted him. He admitted to her he sent messages.’

Watson had been staying at a community building run by a homelessness charity near Bristol’s Temple Meads Station at the time of the sting.

The charity which provides home and work for 23 people kicked Watson out following the bust