September 2016

Unpaid work sentence for the man who abused Ardrossan teenager is not fair, say family

THE family of an Ardrossan teen who was the victim of sexual abuse have hit out at her attacker’s sentence.

Registered sex offender David Brown, 68, was convicted in June of sexually assaulting the girl when she was 17.

Brown pleaded guilty to the offence at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court and was previously placed on the Sex Offender’s Register last year for similar sexual offences towards the same girl.

But he avoided a prison sentence and was instead handed a Community Payback Order of 200 hours unpaid work and given a programme requirement.

Now, the girl’s family say justice has not been done and fear he could easily strike again.

Sick Brown, of Barrie Terrace, had been a close friend of the girl’s family for more than 20 years.

A regular babysitter and almost-weekly visitor to the family home, Brown became a permanent fixture in her life.

The family claim his actions have had a profound impact on the girl, now 18, both at home and at school.

So much so that she hadn’t been able to sleep in her own bed for four years.

This week, a close family member said: “The sentence is far too lenient. Everyone I speak to who has children fear that if he gets an opportunity he can be a serious threat.

“We never imagined him being capable of something like this, he was such a nice guy, nearly every week he was with us.

“We noticed a change in her on her 17th birthday, we were out in Glasgow and she had about 10 presents. She loves getting presents just like any other girl.

“There was just no reaction, no happiness, no disappointment, just nothing.

“A couple of days later she told us everything and we were just stunned.”

The family member added: “He had such a control over her life, he kept telling her it would be ‘our wee secret’.

“She wasn’t able to sleep in her own bed for four years, from when she was 14 until she was 17.

“At school she was failing her exams and studies, she just wasn’t mentally right.”

They continued: “We feel we need to speak out about him now after something she told us. “She had been watching an episode of Rab C Nesbitt and he had been given something like 200 hours for being drunk and disorderly.

“And she said ‘how come Rab C gets 200 hours for being drunk and Davie gets 200 hours for abusing me?’

“Justice has not been done here and I believe he can strike again.”