September 2016

Man carried out solo sex act in public library

A paedophile carried out a sex act while viewing images of naked children in a public library.

Alistair Traini was seen with his hands down his trousers as he used a computer at Perth’s AK Bell Library in July last year.

Perth Sheriff Court heard that Traini had booked computer booth 13 for 6.50pm on a Tuesday evening.

A member of the public, who was sitting next to the accused, spotted an indecent image of a child on Traini’s screen and alerted staff.

Traini’s solicitor Cliff Culley said the act had taken place in a closed booth.

He said: “During the act his genitals were not seen by others – his hand was in his trousers.”

Yesterday the 63-year-old, of Perth, was fined by Sheriff Lindsay Foulis.

However mirroring an earlier decision by Sheriff Janys Scott, who ruled that that the law required an under-18 to be “involved” in the offence, Traini was not placed on the sex offenders’ register.

Sheriff Foulis noted that Traini had not offended for at least two decades.

He said: “I’m not diminishing the nature of this offence in any shape or form, but equally it’s not one which is subject to registration under the sexual offences legislation.

“I am dealing with a man who is 63 and who’s not offended in at least 20, perhaps over 30, years.

“In the circumstances, I think the serious nature of the offence can be brought home with a monetary penalty.”

He ordered Traini to pay £1200.

Traini had previously pled guilty to carrying out an act of public indecency by carrying out the sex act while viewing images of naked children and adults on a public computer at the AK Bell Library on July 21 last year.

June 2016

Notorious paedophile caught carrying out sex act while viewing snaps of kids on computer

A PAEDOPHILE was caught carrying out a sex act in a library while viewing indecent images of kids on a computer.

Twisted Alistair Traini, 63 – known as Big Beasty by locals – was spotted by a worker and member of the public having “a little feel” in a booth at AK Bell Library in Perth.

Today the fiend, from the city, admitted a charge of committing public indecency in July last year.

But bizarrely Sheriff Janys Scott declined to put him on the sex offenders’ register – because he claimed that the law required an under-18 to be “involved” in the offence.

Fiscal depute Tina Dickie told Perth Sheriff Court yesterday: “He has previous convictions. This took place in the A K Bell Library in Perth city centre.

“A staff member was on duty at 6.50pm and was aware of the accused, who was a regular library user, in computer booth 13, which he had pre-booked.

“Another member staff informed her shortly thereafter that the accused appeared to be viewing images of naked children.

“A member of the public was in the booth next to the accused and she observed a picture of a naked child on a beach. In her opinion the child was age about six.

“Thinking this strange she exited her booth to look more closely. She saw the accused looking at what appeared to be other similar images.

“They noticed the accused’s hand down the front of his trousers. His left arm was moving and he was shifting about in his seat.”

Mrs Dickie told the court that staff confronted him before calling in the police.

She said: “The accused stood up and muttered something about tucking his shirt into his trousers. The accused attempted to close down various websites he had been viewing.

“However, in the process of doing that he kept opening up pictures of naked children and adults.”

Traini told police: “I’ve not done this sort of thing in a long time. I was looking at adults having sex and naked children.

“I had a little feel and an urge so I started to sort myself out.”

Traini was granted bail pending the preparation of social background reports.

But Sheriff Scott said: “In the narration of the facts as I have been given them there is no reference to a child. Have you got any evidence any person under 18 was actually involved?”

The fiscal depute accepted there was no specific evidence of a child being there at the time.

The sheriff said she could not place Traini on the register as a result.