June 2013

Predatory sex offender jailed for eight years

A MAN deemed a “paedophilic sexual predator” was jailed for eight years for the first of what became several child sex offences now on his record.

Durham Crown Court was told Shaun James Blakeley, 46, has several convictions in recent years for sexual offences on girls aged 15 and under.

It culminated in him receiving a prison sentence of three years and four months at the court in July 2011 for two counts each of indecent assault and breaching a Sexual Offences Prevention Order (Sopo).

Robin Turton, prosecuting, said as he was about to be released, on licence, half-way through that sentence, earlier this year, Blakeley was arrested at the prison gate after new allegations arose.

It culminated in him facing further counts of indecent assault on a girl, dating back more than ten years, prior to the more recent offences.

Blakeley, formerly of William Street, South Moor, near Stanley, who lived in Sacriston and Edmondsley areas of County Durham, at the time of the offences, was convicted by a jury on two of five charges, all of which he denied, after a three-day trial at the court last month.

Formal ‘not guilty’ charges were recorded on the other three charges following directions of the judge.

Blakeley’s barrister, Tony Davis, told the sentencing hearing that the latest convictions all pre-date the more recent offending.

He said: “At the time of these offences he didn’t have those convictions.

“But his offending has since come to light and he has been punished for it.

“Following the breaches of the Sopo in 2011 he accepted his offending and acknowledged he has a problem, with a sexual attraction to those in the 15 – 18 bracket.

“Work was continuing to take place right up to when he was arrested at the gate when he was about to be released earlier this year.”

Jailing him, Judge Christopher Prince told Blakeley: “It’s simple. You committed these offences and lied under oath, calling the victim a ‘liar’.

“She was not a liar. Despite it taking tremendous courage to come forward, she did so and told the truth to the jury.”

On Blakeley’s release he will be subject of a revised Sopo and registration as a sexual offender, both for life.