August 2016

Judge demands apology from paedophile who downloaded 1000’s of images of child abuse

A judge demanded that a 64-year-old man who admitted downloading thousands of photographs of child abuse apologise for his actions.

Jonathan Howard Jeans, formerly of Lydford but currently living in Conrad Close, Gillingham, Kent, appeared in the dock before Judge David Ticehurst at Taunton Crown Court.

 He was charged that between January 1, 2006 and June 3, 2015 at Somerton he had in his possession 2,528 indecent photographs of children.

Jeans was also charged with making 286 indecent photographs in the most serious category A, faced two more allegations of making 426 indecent photographs in Category B and a further 1,735 images of Category C.

He admitted all the charges against him.

Adjourning the case for a pre-sentence review, Judge David Ticehurst warned Jeans that all options, including an immediate prison sentence, were on the table.

“And what would you say to the children who suffer as a result of your interests?” he demanded.

The defendant responded: “I deeply regret any angst that my actions have caused.”

“Angst?!” The judge snapped. “These are children who have suffered terrible physical and psychological traumas that will stay with them for most of their adult lives.”

The defended said: “I regret any hurt caused to these individuals.”

The case was adjourned until August 30 for sentencing.