July 2016

Man who had more than 1,800 indecent images on his computer is jailed


A KEIGHLEY man has been jailed for 20 months after he was found to have more than 1,800 indecent images on his computer, some of children as young as three.

Roger Stevens, 50, also distributed an indecent photograph and had extreme pornographic images, including of sexual acts with animals, in his possession.

Bradford Crown Court heard that Stevens, of Long Lee Lane, acquired 1,804 images and put them on his computer. There were 745 category A images, the most serious level; 298 category B images and 761 at category C, the lowest level. Some were still images but many were movies.

Judge Robert Bartfield said that on at least one occasion Stevens had shared the images with another porn user. He said the defendant’s computer was fitted with peer to peer software so he could be in a position to distribute.

Judge Bartfield said he accepted a point made by the defendant’s barrister, Stephen Wood, that Stevens had to be dealt with for one isolated distribution to another person.

“You acquired from him, he acquired from you,” the judge added. “To that extent, you would be encouraging this person to indulge in these offences.

“In addition, on your computer were found extreme pornographic images, relating to acts committed against animals, or other objects, which were not children.”

When arrested, Stevens made no comment. But he eventually admitted the offences.

Judge Bartfield said the aggravating features of the case were the ages of the children in the images, from three or four to 15.

The judge said it was a considerable volume of images, many of which were movies. The defendant had also sought to mask his identity so he could not be discovered. He took into account that it was many years since the offences.

“You have taken steps to address what you recognise to be your addiction to porn of this kind,” he said. “You have gone to the Safer Lives Programme and begun to have an insight into what happened and waking up to the seriousness of it; you have genuine regret and remorse and are a person of previous good character. I recognise you were leading a rather lonely and sad existence at the time.

“But nothing can detract from the pain and injury these children suffer, both psychologically and physically to fill the need to have this kind of material.”

Stevens pleaded guilty to making and distributing indecent photographs and possessing extreme pornographic images.