July 2016

Paedophile hip-hop rapper used ‘gangsta’ image to groom five schoolgirls for sex on social media


A self-styled “gangsta rapper” filmed himself having sex with schoolgirls after contacting thousands of youngsters on social media.

Daniel Rodriguez, 28, also known as Grimey D, groomed five teenage girls via Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Blackberry Messenger.

He invited the girls to the house that he shared with his parents and sister before having sex with them and filming it for his own pleasure.

The “dangerous and predatory paedophile” filmed himself having sex with one of the victims while she was still wearing her school uniform.

Rodriguez befriended girls on social media, then scoured their friend lists for more young girls to abuse.

He sent thousands of friend requests to children though social media over a three-year period between 2012-2015.

The rapper groomed his victims by complimenting their appearance, telling them he loved them and inviting them to his home before regularly having sex with them.

His actions became more and more sexually demeaning as time went on, Wood Green Crown Court heard.

Rodriguez befriended one of the girls on Instagram when she was just 13 and they first had sex at his house when she was 14.

He requested that the girl bring a friend that he had seen on her Facebook profile. Rodriguez filmed much of the abuse which happened when the girls were together.

Following his arrest last August 27, police officers seized and searched his phone, Blackberry and three USB drives. They found videos of Rodriguez having sex with four of the victims – three aged 14 and one aged 15.

When police examined his phone and USB drives they also found videos of Rodriguez having sex with men.

Rodriguez had sex with two other girls after meeting them in the street in Hackney and contacting them on Blackberry Messenger.

A sixth girl, aged 15, did not want to be interviewed by police but Rodriguez admitted creating an indecent image of her.

None of the girls came forward voluntarily and police believe there may be many more victims.

Rodriguez was charged with offences relating to the two girls who were friends and went in front of a judge in November last year.

But police intervened and stopped the case when the four other offences came to light.