July 2016

Pervert avoids prison after internet grooming sting


A hospital porter caught by paedophile hunters trying to get what he thought was a 14-year-old girl to send him topless photos has avoided jail.

Ian Williams sent messages telling her to “be brave” and asked if the teen was a “naughty girl” before assuring her “it will be ur secret” if she sent him the photo.

Williams, 48, sent a photo of his genitals to ‘Eva Wells’ on Facebook – a fake profile set up by a group called Public Justice PHL (Paedophile Hunters London) to catch predators.

He was handed a suspended sentence at Bexley Magistrates Court after admitting attempting to cause or incite a girl between 14 and 15 to engage in sexual activity.

The full transcript of the conversation between Williams and Eva begins with Williams sending the message: “Hi Eva.”

Although Eva gives her age immediately to give Williams the chance to leave the conversation he carries on talking to her.

He begs her to send him a topless photo – even resorting to using a crying emoji.

Williams, a porter at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Woolwich, asked if the girl likes “naughty boys” and sent her a topless photo of himself early in the conversation.

Members of the PHL group handed their dossier to police and Williams was arrested.

The group, set up last September, claim to be responsible for catching around 20 paedophiles and that 14 men have been convicted due to their actions with five currently serving time.

Their Facebook page says: “We pose as children online, we pass the details of anyone who interacts that we believe to be a paedophile onto the police.

“We never send the first message.”

One of the organisers, who identified himself as JB, said: “We set it up because we were constantly coming across men who wanted to groom children online and I couldn’t sit back and ignore it.

“I thought I would go undercover and do the work and so I’ve spent lots of man hours doing what I’m doing to bring them to justice.

“All children in society need to be protected. They’re innocent – let them have that innocence, don’t take that away from them.

“That’s not yours for taking advantage of.”

Referring to Williams’ case, he said: “What that man did he needs to be exposed for what he did because, at the end of the day, when he gets released who doesn’t say that he can’t do it again?

“There is no guarantee there. Hopefully he’s learnt his lesson and he won’t ever do that sort of thing again.

“But once a paedophile always a paedophile – you’re always going to have a sexual interest in children.”

Williams, of Mulgrave Road, Woolwich, was sentenced to 12 weeks imprisonment suspended for 24 months and given a Sexual Harm Prevention Order.

He must also comply with a community sexual offending group programme for 100 days and a rehabilitation activity requirement for 60 days.

Williams must also pay £85 in costs and a £115 victim surcharge.