July 2016

Sick former Plymouth school caretaker jailed for 18 years for repeatedly raping girl


A former school caretaker who repeatedly raped a girl has been jailed for 18 years.

Sick Dean Rossington, a prominent Communist Party member in Plymouth, sexually abused the girl for six years, Plymouth Crown Court heard.

Rossington started to kiss her as part of a truth or dare game before progressing to full sex, at first monthly and then almost every day.

She began self-harming at the age of 13 as a release from the pain, the court heard.

Jailing Rossington for 18 years for a string of offences, Judge Ian Lawrie QC, told him: “You bribed her with gifts of tobacco and money as thank yous.

Rossington used to work in a caretaking role at a city primary school. The offences are not connected with his employment.

Rossington, from Plymouth, pleaded guilty to specimen five counts of rape and one of sexual assault against the teenager from 2009 until this January.

He accepted his guilt on the third day of his trial after a previous hearing this week was aborted.

Rossington had earlier admitted assaulting her causing actual bodily harm on a single occasion.

The court heard that the touching at first happened once a month, before happening almost every day. She added that she told him she did not want any sexual activity.

The woman added that Rossington told her: “Nobody needs to know. Nobody gets hurt.”

She said the situation “exploded” when he grabbed her by the throat and started punching her in January.

Rossington was heard by the jury and court staff to call the victim a “bitch” as he watched a video recording of her police interview.

In an emotional statement read to the court, the girl said that from the age of 13 she started harming herself, cutting her wrists and arms with razor blades and pencil sharpeners every couple of days.

She said: “I drew blood. It felt like a kind of release.”

The teenager added she had mood swings, and that she still suffered flashbacks and had trouble sleeping.

She said that she felt strong urges to get drunk – which she had managed to resist.

The teenager added she felt uneasy around friends and even feared that strangers knew of her past.

She added: “I have a strange combination of emotions. I feel very tired at the same time as feeling very restless.”

The victim bravely sat at the back of the court with family and friends to face her tormentor.

Judge Lawrie praised her bravery in attending court.

All 12 members of the jury chose to return to court to hear the sentencing.

One unusually passed in a note which asked the judge to take account of Rossington’s heartless remark from the dock.