July 2016

Manningham man who sexually abused girl, 15, jailed at Bradford Crown Court

Shapoul Ali

A MANIPULATIVE sexual predator has been jailed for four years for a “campaign” of abuse against an infatuated girl less than half his age.

Shapoul Ali, 33, first approached the 15-year-old on the street when she was wearing her school prom dress.

He lied about his age and flattered and groomed her until she was in his clutches, a court heard.

Ali, of Marlborough Road, Manningham, Bradford, was yesterday found guilty of four offences of sexual activity with a child.

During his trial at Bradford Crown Court, prosecutor Jayne Beckett accused Ali of leading his victim “a merry dance.”

He had oral sex with her in his car and, after her 16th birthday, they had a full sexual relationship.

In a statement read out in court after the guilty verdicts, the teenager said she had never had a boyfriend until she met Ali.

He had used and manipulated her, turning her against her friends and keeping her out late when she was at college.

“He thought he could do as he pleased with my body,” she stated.

Mrs Beckett said Ali targeted the girl and there was a big age difference between them.

“There is an element of grooming here. It began with flattery and then continued up to a certain point when he had her in his clutches,” Mrs Beckett said.

Mark Brookes, Ali’s barrister, said he had no previous convictions. He was married with a young child and had studied accountancy and book keeping.

Judge David Hatton QC ordered Ali to sign on the sex offenders’ register for life.

He made an indefinite restraining order banning him from approaching his victim or communicating with her in any way.

The judge said Ali knew the girl was 15 throughout the period of his offending, although she was not far short of her 16th birthday and the sexual activity was consensual.

“She was clearly, unaccountably, infatuated with you,” he said.

“The legislation is there to protect young girls from older men and to protect them from themselves – to stop them being taken advantage of.”