July 2016

Teacher husband is jailed for grooming two schoolgirls and taking one’s virginity in woods during lunch break

Bruce Karwoski

A VILE married science teacher who had sex with two teenage pupils he ruthlessly targeted has been jailed for 32 months.

Evil Bruce Karwoski, 53, was locked up for grooming the girls for sex – but his wife has vowed to stand by him.

Judge Rupert Overbury told shamed Karwoski said he had committed a “gross abuse of trust”.

The judge added: “You owed a significant duty of care to the victims, their families and the school.

“I have no hesitation in determining that a sentence of immediate custody is necessary and proportionate because of the circumstances of the case and as a deterrent to others in a similar position of trust.”

Karwoski touched one of the girls intimately in a classroom.

The paedophile took a blanket when he drove her to a wood during lunch breaks as he ruthlessly took her virginity, the court heard today.

The victim told police she had sexual contact with Karwoski during free periods, after school and at dinner time.

She had even worn dresses and skirts to “make it easier”, said prosecutor Edward Renvoize.

Physics and chemistry tutor Karwoski indecently exposed himself to her on a webcam and urged her to take all her clothes off.

The pervert, who taught at Northgate High School, Ipswich, sent her a story in an email describing what he was doing to her and what she was doing to him.

Karwoski broke down and cried when the girl tried to end their relationship, said Mr Renvoize.

At one stage a school lab technician spoke to the deputy head after spotting the twisted teacher and the student spending time alone in a closed, unlit classroom.

Karwoski was spoken to but no further action was taken, said Mr Renvoize.

The sicko initially exchanged emails with a second girl as they discussed schoolwork and problems he was having at the time.

But the exchanges quickly became sexual and Karwoski arranged to meet her in a field near Westerfield.

He kissed her before they ended up having sex in the back of his car.

Their illicit affair only ended when the youngster called it off.

The offences emerged last year when one of the girls contacted the othergirl and asked her what had happened with Karwoski.

They realised they had both had sex with the serial predator and alerted the school, Ipswich Crown Court heard.

Karwoski, of Creeting St Mary, near Needham Market, Suffolk, admitted 13 offences of sexual activity with a girl aged under 18 while in a position of trust.

The charges date back a number of years, but the dates, as well as the ages of the girls, cannot be published to protect their anonymity.

Judge Overbury accused Karwoski of “crossing the boundary of acceptable behaviour”.