July 2016

‘Utterly revolting’ sexual crimes of Cottingham paedophile


A “CRUEL and calculating” paedophile who groomed and repeatedly abused a young child has been jailed for nine years.

Richard Oaten, 43, used the pretext of “music therapy” to begin abusing his victim after the child confided in him about being abused by another man, Hull Crown Court heard.

Prosecutor John Thackray said the child was already suffering “night terrors” as a result of the earlier abuse when Oaten suggested the victim listen to music to “help”.

“The Crown submit this is an important aspect of the case, because in the guidelines it makes [the victim] someone who is particularly vulnerable,” Mr Thackray said.

Oaten told his victim to perform a sex act to “relax”.

Mr Thackray said: “It didn’t feel right but [the victim] was desperate to get rid of the night terrors that occurred every day.”

As the sessions continued, Oaten took nude photographs of the child and the abuse became more severe, the details of which are too distressing to publish.

The child did not want to continue with the sessions, but Oaten told his victim: “If [the victim] walked away from therapy [the victim] would have to start again”.

Summarising the victim statement, Mr Thackray said: “What happened to [the victim] is not something they can forgive or forget.

“It’s affected their mental health and their physical wellbeing.

“[The victim] feels they missed out on their childhood.”

The victim described Oaten’s behaviour as “controlling and grooming”.

“It had appalling consequences for [the victim],” said Judge Jeremy Richardson QC, who described some of the abuse as “utterly revolting”.

Oaten, of Elm Tree Court, Cottingham, admitted nine child sex offences. He had no previous convictions.

Richard Thompson, for Oaten, said: “The best, perhaps the only mitigating feature, is the guilty plea.

“In every other respect this defendant has been a decent, hard-working man all his life.”

Jailing Oaten for a total of nine years, the judge told him: “You eclipsed [the victim’s] childhood with your depraved sexual crimes.

“Much of your conduct was cruel and calculating. There are a number of really serious features of this case which serve to increase the sentence.”