June 2016

Serial rapist serving four life sentences downloaded child abuse images from his CELL


A serial rapist serving four life sentences was able to download hundreds of child abuse images while in his CELL

Images showing children as young as four being raped were among those viewed by Richard Baker, who is suspected of raping more than 100 women.

The 51-year-old was told by a judge that he will be a ‘very old man’ if he is ever released, after he was sentenced to an additional six years.

A jury at Aylesbury Crown Court in Buckinghamshire found him guilty of nine offences of possessing and making indecent images of children after hearing he smuggled a tablet into his cell.

Judge Francis Sheridan said: ‘If ever there was a clear and present danger to women and female children this man represents it, it is as simple as that.

‘I think you are one of the most dangerous men I have ever had the displeasure of trying.

‘You have started showing an interest in children of four or five years old. You’re a control freak.’

Baker bought the tablet in February 2012 for £580, shortly after moving to Chadwick Lodge, a medium security mental health unit in Milton Keynes.

He instructed friends to send it to him in a parcel, enclosed in bubble wrap below paper, newspaper and sweets.

As staff are not permitted to censor post, it was not discovered.

The former nightclub DJ used it to download images and videos and visited illegal porn websites over five months in 2012.

In June of that year he confessed to Dr David Forshaw, a consultant forensic psychiatrist at the hospital, to having the tablet, but refused to give staff the pin.

As Baker was led away from the court after the verdict he said: ‘I swear on my mum’s life I didn’t do it.’

Self-confessed control fiend Richard Baker was jailed for life for attacking 12 women in just seven months.

Before that he had already been in prison for raping a 19-year-old girl in North Devon 10 years earlier and he had also been convicted of having sex with an underage 15-year-old girl.

His modus operandi was slipping the rape drug Rohypnol into the drinks of unwitting women and attacked them while they were unconscious.

May 1999

DJ guilty of rapes

A DJ faces life in jail after being found guilty of multiple rapes.

Police believe that Richard Baker, 34 and from Bodmin in Cornwall, could be “one of the most prolific sex offenders this century”.

They believe he could be responsible for a string of other attacks in Britain, Ireland and Spain, and have urged other victims to come forward.

Baker was found guilty of three rapes and an attempted rape at the Old Bailey on Thursday.

He was also convicted of two indecent assaults, an attempted indecent assault and affray.

After the verdict it was revealed that the 34-year-old had been jailed twice before – for raping one woman and forcing the victim of another suspected attack not to give evidence.The attacks took place in Sussex, Essex and north London between May and December last year, after the DJ returned from Spain where he worked most summers.

Baker was remanded until 18 June for psychiatric reports after the judge, Recorder David Stokes, QC, told him he faced life in jail.

The serial rapist was “shopped” to police by his brother Kevin, 36, who saw trailers for the BBC Crimewatch programme and recognised an E-fit picture.

It was one of the most successful Crimewatch operations and won praise for murdered presenter Jill Dando.

During seven months last year Baker stalked London and south-east coastal resorts looking for victims.

Some women were attacked just hours after he jetted in from Spain, and three were molested in only seven hours.

Although quantities of the so-called “date-rape drug” Rohypnol were found in Baker’s flat in Spain, evidence could not be produced at his Old Bailey trial because he did not use Rohypnol on any of the girls he attacked in the UK.

Baker had told the court he “needed help” and admitted using threats to terrorise and control his victims.After the trial, police described Baker as “a wicked, evil and very devious man, with a very high sex drive, who attacked lonely vulnerable women”.

He said: “I just wanted to be in total control. I terrorised these poor girls. I treated these woman absolutely contemptuously.”

He told the court he looked for slim brunettes aged about 20 who were on their own.

He said he grabbed them around the throat from behind and put them in a state of terror by threatening to rape or kill them.

Several of the victims said the attacks had “totally destroyed” their lives.The judge praised the dignity and courage of the seven women witnesses, including two schoolgirls, who had given evidence in court.

After the case, Baker’s parents said their son should have received help after his first rape conviction.

Baker’s farmer father John said: “I feel very, very sorry for the victims, but I cannot help but think that this perhaps could have been avoided.”

However, Baker’s brother Kevin, speaking from the Costa del Sol, said the DJ failed to take help when he was offered it.

“He now understands that he has something wrong, but he knew that 10 years ago. Unfortunately for him he did not take the help that was needed,” he said.

“He always wanted to be famous. He has certainly got that now,” said Mr Baker.