June 2016

Pervert offers mind course to mothers


A hypnotist and ‘life coach’ who teaches women how to be better mothers can now be exposed as a convicted paedophile who hides his child sexual abuse images offences from clients.

Smooth talking Bruce Farrow has a conviction for downloading vile images of children being exploited and sexually abused. 

He was caught after attempting to meet a schoolgirl after grooming her online. Her parents discovered the planned liaison and told police.

When police officers searched his computer, they found disturbing images of children being abused. In 2000, he admitted possession of child sexual abuse images and appeared before magistrates in Slough where he was sentenced to just three years probation. 

One particular chat room he used on a regular basis was very sexual in nature. The online ages of those in that chat room ranged from about 11-years-old and upwards. Farrow would engage in sexually explicit conversations with other users which would also involve him suggesting others carry out sexual acts on children.

Perverted Farrow also distributed and shared indecent images of children with other paedophiles online

Shortly before his arrest in 2000, he met a 14-year-old schoolgirl online. He interacted with her in the chat room inappropriately and in a sexual manner and asked her for indecent images. 

Farrow makes no mention of the offences on his website where he offers courses in personal development 

Farrow is also a trainer in neuro-linguistic programming or NLP which is claimed to help people take control of their brains and runs many courses in Thailand.

Farrow, 56 also offers hypnotism courses for a wide range of habits including smoking or eating.

One £45 session he offers is called ‘The secret to reclaiming your life’ for mothers

In a video on his website, Farrow says: “Maybe you feel this is your time, maybe you have done your sacrifice to your children, maybe you think now is my time but you dont know what to do. How could it be if you could start the process of reclaiming your life?”

But he fails to mention his own perverted secret.

Farrow denied giving NLP training courses despite his own website listing him as a ‘master trainer’

Farrow also said he had never offered life coaching, despite talking about his skills on Youtube videos and the course also being listed on his website