October 2018

Whittlesey sex offender who moved into Peterborough house with children despite police telling him not to is jailed

A sex offender from Whittlesey who breached a court order by moving to a house where children lived – despite police refusing his request to move- has been jailed.

Robbie Aylott, 23, contacted police on 29 August to ask if he could move to a new address in Peterborough which was closer to his place of work.

Checks revealed that children were living at the property and the request was denied.

Aylott ignored this decision and on 24 September was found staying at the address. Whilst there, officers discovered multiple other breaches of a sexual harm prevention order that was imposed by the courts in 2015.

He had a device capable of accessing the internet and had deleted his browsing history.

He had also created social media profiles, downloaded dating apps and deleted them in an attempt to cover his tracks.

Aylott, of Pinewood Avenue, admitted six counts of breaching a sexual harm prevention order and five counts of failing to comply with notification requirements of the Sex Offenders Register.

Yesterday (25 October) at Cambridge Crown Court he was sentenced to eight months in prison.

June 2016

Final chance for Whittlesey man who sent explicit pictures to young teens over internet

A man who tried to entice a young girl to have sex with him has avoided a jail term after sending explicit pictures to other young teens online.

Robbie Aylott (21) of Pinewood Avenue, Whittlesey, had been given a community order last year after pleading guilty in causing or enticing a 13-year-old girl to engage in sexual activity.

The order which included a sexual harm prevention order was imposed in May 2015, and said he was not allowed to activate profiles on social media, or contact girls aged under 13. The sentence also included a requirement to take part in a sexual offenders treatment programme.

But when officers carried out a spot check at Aylott’s home in October last year, they found he had been using a number of social media profiles – some under the false name of ‘Jimbob.’

He had been using the profiles to contact girls as young as 14 – and sent them indecent images of himself.

On Friday Aylott appeared at Peterborough Crown Court after he pleaded guilty to breaching the order three times.

Judge David Farrell imposed an eight month jail sentence, suspended for two years, after hearing Aylott had made progress since starting the sexual offender programme in November. The court was told Aylott had committed no offences since October, and Judge Farrell said there would be more benefit in Aylott getting the help he needed, which would give the public better protection than a jail sentence.

Judge Farrell said: “The real question is now he is receiving the treatment he wasn’t having before, whether he should receive another chance.”

He added: “I have thought long and hard about the sentence. If I was to send you to prison, you would end up with a jail term of about eight months in custody. This would be insufficient time to receive any treatment in prison. It would be punishment, however, and many may think that is what you deserve.

“But I am also concerned of the long term protection of the public, and if you do not receive treatment you may be a danger.

“If you breach the order again, you will be going to prison for years as a sex offender. You have to make sure you resist any of these perverted acts, you continue to attend the course and you start to address the obvious problems you face.”

Aylott was also ordered to pay £100 costs.