June 2016

Vale pervert jailed for abusing young girl while she slept

A VALE man who assaulted a young girl for more than a year while she slept has been jailed for three years and branded a sex offender for life.

Brian Miller confessed to the attacks more than a decade after his crimes when he bumped into his victim at a swimming pool.

As well as three years in prison, the 55-year-old will then be on licence for another three years, meaning he faces a swift return to jail if he steps out of line.

And he has been added to the sex offenders register indefinitely after a psychiatric report found he was a “low to medium risk” of re-offending.

Miller, of Milton Estate, Alexandria, previously admitted assaulting a girl aged between 12 and 16 by kissing and indecently touching her.

Between 1996 and 2000, he regularly targeted the child, claiming she would have been asleep on most occasions and had no idea what was happened.

Miller also went after another child, aged 14, pushing her on to a bed, kissing her, playing with her hair and feet.

It was after Miller bumped into one of the victims, now with two children of her own, at a swimming pool that he turned himself in to police. He heard the woman warn her children about a “bad man” and he approached and promised to confess.

Miller’s defence solicitor said justice would not have been done and the crimes never come to light had it not been for the confession last June.

He said his client was “uniquely contrite”, was filled with “honest remorse” and recognised that he had “robbed children of their innocence”.

He said: “It’s clear that he has fully expressed remorse and is award of the grave impact of this offending behaviour.

“His plea of guilty, in line with his confession, this is a matter that can be disposed of with a community payback order.”

But Sheriff Simon Pender said there was no question of sending Miller to prison and that he would be failing in his duty to the public if he chose otherwise.

He said: “These are serious matters, charges three and four in particular [and] in any view abhorrent. Only a custodial sentence is appropriate.”

At a previous hearing, depute fiscal Sarah Healing described Miller’s first attack in 1994 when a 14-year-old girl was staying overnight at his property. She was playing in a bedroom when he came in and sat by her.

She said: “He pushed her back on to the bed so she was lying down. As she did so, he was kissing her on the lips, tickling her feet and playing with her hair.

“She was shocked by this and she shouted at the accused before getting up and running from the house. She never returned again to the accused’s home.”

With the second child, who he attacked every second or third weekend for a year and a half, she once woke up to find Miller lying on a bed behind her.

Ms Healing said: “She couldn’t recall the accused doing anything but she did hear him pulling his zip up when he got out of bed. During the incident, she froze and didn’t know what to do.”

April 2016

Vale pervert sexually abused teenager while she slept

A pervert sexually abused a teenager while she slept – admitting the victim wouldn’t have known he was doing it.

Brian Miller, of Milton Estate, Jamestown, appeared at Dumbarton Sheriff Court on Wednesday.

The 55-year-old pleaded guilty to three of four charges of historical sex abuse against him dating from between 1994 and 2001.

He had been due to go on trial this week, but admitted the three charges.

Procurator fiscal depute Sarah Healing told the court Miller had handed himself in to police in June last year, after seeing one of his victims at a local swimming pool.

He was interviewed on June 7 by police, who then conducted further inquiries, before arresting Miller on June 26 last year.

Ms Healing noted there was no evidence Miller had done anything untoward in regards to any member of his family.

Miller’s first victim was 14 at the time, when he pushed her on to a bed and kissed her.

The victim had told Miller of pushing a boy against a wall at school and kissing him.

Miller sat down beside her, pushed her back on the bed so she was lying down, and as he did he was kissing her on the lips, tickling her feet and playing with her hair.

The victim was “shocked” and shouted at Miller, before getting up and running from the house.

The incident happened on a date between January 30, 1994 and December 29, 1994.

The court was told the victim is now 36 years old.

The other charges related to a second victim – once every two or three weeks – for a period of around 18 months.

The victim, now aged 31, who was between 12 and 15 years old when the incidents took place.

Miller told police he would touch the girl while she slept “on every occasion” she stayed over – and that she probably had no idea he had done it.

He also admitted an amended charge which is said to have happened on April 20, 2001.

His victim woke up and Miller was “dry humping” her.

On awakening a second time, she found him between her legs.

Ms Healing told the court Miller had told police he “hoped at the time the complainer would want what he was doing, but accepts that she had never given any indications to him and she was asleep when he got in beside her.”

The girl “froze” and “was in shock” when she realised Miller was in the pull-out bed with her.

The incident was not reported until Miller saw the victim in a swimming pool and heard her say to her children he was a “bad man”.

Last year he decided to turn himself in to police.

Sheriff Simon Pender placed Miller on the sex offenders register, and deferred sentence for reports until June 1.

His bail was continued.