December 2018

Netherton pervert caught wearing five pairs of girls’ knickers

A Netherton pervert who had been barred from buying children’s underwear was caught wearing five pairs of girls knickers when cops made a routine check on his home.

Kevin Plant who had been described as posing a “serious risk” of causing sexual harm to children was also found to have hidden another 35 of girls pants behind cushions in the property.

Plant who had a fetish for children’s underwear had admitted breaching a 10 year Sexual Harm Protection Order by acquiring the knickers

Judge James Burbidge QC had deferred sentence on him to see if he could keep out of further trouble and after being told the 51-year-old had been responding to therapy he ruled he would let him keep his freedom.

He gave Plant, of Mousesweet Close, Darby End, a 15-month suspended prison sentence and further ordered him to pay £50 costs.

The judge told Plant that since he first appeared before him he had been looking at ways to keep him out of a spell behind bars.

He added: “The primary concern is that you are at risk of abusing children. It seems to me your offending clearly crosses the custody threshold but you are attending therapy and it says in the probation report you have performed well.”

The judge concluded at Wolverhampton Crown Court: “A further 15 sessions is going to be better than locking you up for a relatively short time.”

September 2018

Pervert Kevin Plant caught wearing five pairs of girl’s knickers

A NETHERTON pervert barred was found to be wearing five pairs of young girl’s panties during a regular check on his activities.

Kevin Plant, who is banned from acquiring children’s underwear, was also found to have stashed more items of girl’s underwear behind a cushion at his home.

At Wolverhampton Crown Court Judge James Burbidge QC told the 51-year-old: “You have this fetish you don’t seem to be able to avoid, it is a matter that is quite disturbing.”

He said that if the fetish continued there was a possible risk to children but he ruled he would put Plant on trust for three months to see if he could resolve his problems.

But he warned Plant, of Mousesweet Close, that if he was caught again in the near future with children’s underwear there was no doubt he would go straight into custody.

Geoffrey Dann, prosecuting, said Plant was the subject of a Sexual Harm Protection Order and during the check at his home he was also found to have the items of underwear.

The order had been made at a previous hearing, Mr Dann told the court it made it clear he was forbidden from buying or acquiring children’s underwear.

Plant was further remanded on bail until December 3

The judge said he would defer sentence on Plant, who admitted breaching the court order, until that date to see if he could keep out of further trouble with the authorities.

April 2016

Netherton man defied court order by possessing children’s underwear

A NETHERTON man who uses children’s underwear for sexual gratification has avoided jail.

Kevin Plant was made the subject of a five year Sexual Harm Protection Order in 2010 after 3,756 pairs of girl’s knickers taken from washing lines were found in his home.

As part of the order the 48-year-old, who admitted he had a preference for young girls, was told he must have no contact with any child under 16 years of age.

But when a visit was paid to his home in Baptist End Road, 13 bin bags full of girl’s knickers were found and that was a matter for great concern, said Oliver Woolhouse, prosecuting.

Mr Woolhouse told Wolverhampton Crown Court that a new 10 year order was made against Plant, which prohibited him from acquiring any item of children’s clothing.

His status was increased to “high risk” so more regular visits were made to his home but when the flat was checked again five pairs of children’s underwear were recovered.

Plant admitted breaching the order and Judge James Burbidge QC made a new three year order with a condition he attended a sex offenders group programme.

The judge said it was clear Plant was having difficulty resolving his problems despite being given assistance in the past and added: “You still seem determined to obtain children’s underwear and you use if for your own sexual gratification. The concern of the court is that children are safe from you.”

He told Plant it was clear he had expected to be sent straight into custody because he had come to the court with a bag containing personal items.

But he said that rather than make him serve a short term in custody it was more important – “for the protection of the public” – for him to receive treatment to curb any future offending.