July 2016

Pervert who preyed on young victims gets four more years in jail


A PERVERT from Keswick convicted of a string of child sex offences has had his eight year jail term increased to 12 by Appeal Court judges.

Duncan Waterhouse, 45, described as a predatory paedophile by the officer who investigated his crimes, was sentenced in April after he admitted 20 offences against four traumatised victims.

But crown prosecutors today took the case to the Court of Appeal in London, arguing that his eight year sentence was too lenient.

The three Appeal Court judges who considered the case agreed.

They imposed their new harsher sentence Waterhouse, of Coleridge Court, Keswick, and he will now serve a 12 year sentence and then an extra five years on licence on top of the usual period.

Reacting to the decision today, Detective Constable Paul Scougal said: “Waterhouse is a predatory paedophile and a dangerous offender and I am pleased that the original sentence was ruled as being too lenient.

“We agree with the judge who described Waterhouse as a ‘warped man with warped views’.

“He seriously damaged the lives of four young victims and their families have also welcomed the news that he will spend more time in prison.”

A spokesperson for the Attorney General’s Office said: “The original sentence did not reflect the very significant impact the offending had upon his victims and their families.”

At the earlier hearing Waterhouse was also ordered to sign the Sex Offenders Register indefinitely and was given a Sexual Harm Prevention Order indefinitely.

After the hearing in April, senior crown prosecutor Isla Chilton said: “The sexual abuse of young people strips away their innocence and their trust in adults who they should be able to look up to as future role models.

“It has long lasting impacts on their lives, not only at the time but well into their adult lives and could have significant effects on all their future relationships.

“The four victims have shown immense bravery in coming forward and taking a stand against their abuser, which resulted in Waterhouse pleading guilty to the offences he faced.”

April 2016

Prison for ‘predatory’ paedophile whose actions were utterly perverse

A man who committed a host of sexual crimes against children has been given an eight-year prison term. 

Duncan James Waterhouse, 45, received the sentence at Carlisle Crown Court today.

He had previously pleaded guilty to 20 offences during a period of just over six years up to February, 2016. 

Waterhouse’s shocking abuse, on four different victims, was said to have had a “profound and significant” impact. 

One youngster’s future was described as having been “shattered”. In the case of another, the effect was such that Waterhouse had left behind merely a “shell” where the child once was. 

His offences involved four children and included sexual activity with a child and making a child watch sexual activity.

Handing down the jail term, Judge Peter Davies said of the defendant’s said: “It was corrupt, and the corruptness was yours.” 

A five-year extended licence period was attached to the sentence. In addition, Waterhouse, of Coleridge Court, Keswick, was made subject to the sex offender notification requirements indefinitely. 

He must also abide by the strict terms of an indefinite sexual harm prevention order, and will be barred from working with children and vulnerable adults.