December 2017

Pervert who deleted internet history on his mobile phone avoids jail for second time

A pervert who deleted his mobile phone internet history has avoided jail for a second time.

Paul Waddington, of Burnley Road, Accrington, was given a suspended jail sentence last year after downloading hundreds of indecent images of children and extreme pornography

Burnley Crown Court heard that the 56-year-old was given a seven-year sexual harm prevention order (SHPO) which banned him from deleting the history of any device capable of accessing the internet.

Stephen Parker, prosecuting, told the court how on August 26 this year, as part of a ‘routine visit’, officers went to his home in Accrington and examined his mobile phone.

The court heard how the phone’s internet history only contained two days worth of data.

When challenged by officers, Waddington admitting deleting the rest of the history and told police that he ‘forgot he wasn’t supposed to’.

Mr Parker said the mobile phone was forensically examined by officers and no indecent images or search terms were found.

Waddington, 56, pleaded guilty to breaching the terms of a sexual harm prevention order.

He was given a 48-hour residence requirement, fined £150 and ordered to pay £100 costs within 60 days of face seven days in jail in default.

James Heyworth, defending, told the court that there have been no other problems with his compliance with the suspended sentence and ‘everything else in [the pre-sentence report] is positive’.

Judge Beverley Lunt said Waddington was ‘stupid’ for risking immediate custody.

She told the court: “I’m not activating the suspended sentence. It would be unjust to do so.

“To put himself at risk of prison like that is just stupid.”

Sentencing, Judge Lunt said: “You put a lot at risk by virtue of what you did. It was an important technical breach of this SHPO.

“You must not delete the history on your phone. It’s been checked and there was nothing that needed deleting on your phone, which makes it even more stupid.

“This is your one and only chance to make a mistake like this.

“The next time you will have to serve some time in prison.”

March 2016

Pervert downloaded hundreds of indecent images of children

A pervert who downloaded hundreds of indecent images of children and extreme pornography involving animals has avoided jail.

Police executed a warrant at Paul Waddington’s home on Claremont Road in Accrington on February 14 last year and seized a number of computers.

Burnley Crown Court heard how 443 indecent child images were found across three computers with the most serious involving children aged between 10 and 15.

Waddington, 55, pleaded guilty to three counts of making indecent photos of children and one count each of possessing indecent images, possessing extreme images involving sexual activity with animals and possessing a prohibited images of children.

He was given a six-month jail sentence suspended for two years with supervision, a 30-day rehabilitation activity requirement and ordered to pay £350 costs.

Judge Jonathan Gibson also imposed a sexual harm prevention order and police notification requirements for seven years.

Jeremy Grout-Smith, prosecuting, said the offences involved 117 category A images – the most serious – along with 130 category B and 196 category C images and two videos.

Warehouse worker Waddington also had 27 extreme pornographic images and three other prohibited images of children and one video.

Mr Grout-Smith said Waddington was interviewed twice by police and made ‘full and frank admissions’.

James Heyworth, defending, said he has no relevant or recent convictions and is unlikely to offend again.

He told the court: “He has in my submission, and it can’t always be said for defendants in these cases, been remarkably open and honest with the probation service.

“He has in no way sought to abdicate responsibility or in any way legitimise what he was doing. He has shown genuine remorse.

“There have been consequences to his actions.

“There is a punitive fallout of engaging in this sort of behaviour which goes beyond just the punishment that the court has and must impose.

“It has had a significant impact on his family life and how those within his family view him.

“It has been a source of understandable but real shame as far as Mr Waddington is concerned.”