October 2017

Paedo wins unfair dismissal claim against his former council bosses

A WHINGEING paedophile who was sacked after being caught with indecent images of kids has won an unfair dismissal claim against his former council bosses.

Beast Andrew Baisley was axed from his job as a trading standards officer after cops discovered a vile stash of 45,000 child abuse images

The brazen paedophile took bosses at South Lanarkshire Council to a tribunal and demanded nearly £30,000 for loss of earnings.

A judge agreed he was unfairly given the boot – despite the fact he was later convicted and jailed for two years.

But the brute was told he would not receive compensation because of his depraved crimes.

After he was tracked down yesterday, the pervert – who still claims he is innocent – insisted he should have been given cash.

Baisley, 39, from Blantyre, Lanarkshire, said: “I’ve suffered a loss. Its not that I’m looking to win from it.

“They’ve deemed that it was unfair dismissal.The money I was looking for was my salary from that time. I don’t see that as being unreasonable.”

“After 13 years of working with a council you would hope that they would treat you a bit better than they did.”

Baisley claimed he thought he had downloaded gay porn but 45,725 images of children were found on a laptop and hardware when police searched his home in Cambuslang, Glasgow.

He was sacked without notice for gross misconduct in May 2014 when the cop probe came to light – but wasn’t convicted until two years later.

The paedo denied downloading at a trial in February last year but was found guilty.

He was handed a jail term and placed on the sex offenders’ register for ten years.

It emerged the beast came into contact with kids under the age of 18 as he organised test purchases of cigarettes and fireworks.

He also volunteered on a summer course for school pupils.

Judge Peter Wallington ruled he was unfairly dismissed but said he had contributed to his sacking and wasn’t entitled to cash.

Baisley, who has since been released from prison and rehomed, yesterday insisted he is innocent and – even blamed most of the sickening images on a pal – and said he planned to appeal.

He whined: “The ages involved are all over 14 and none of that is anything to do with me.

“The bulk of the images came from the other devices which belonged to someone who had left them in my house.

“This has completely f****d up my life.”

March 2016

Trading standards officer caught with over 45,000 indecent pictures of children

A paedophile who was snared with tens of thousands of indecent pictures of children tried to blame “acquaintances” from a gamblers anonymous group.

Trading standards officer Andrew Baisley, 37, denied downloading child sexual abuse images despite police finding a vile haul at his Cambuslang home.

He claimed he mistakenly ordered some online, believing it was gay porn and that “acquaintances” left pieces of hardware with the filth at his house.

But a search found a laptop and hardware with over 45,000 images.

After a trial at Glasgow Sheriff Court the jury rejected his version and convicted him of downloading and possessing indecent images of children between 2003 and 2014.

Yesterday (Thurs) sheriff Joseph Platt sentenced Baisley to two years in prison and put him on the Sex Offenders’ register for 10 years.

Baisley ordered the illegal material from a company in Canada, using his credit which sparked a probe.

Police were granted a search warrant and went to Baisley’s house in Cambuslang where they took two hard drives, a USB pen drive and a laptop.

In total 45,725 images of children ranging from the lowest to the highest level were identified on the items.

Of them, 5,666 were still accessible.

In evidence Baisley claimed he bought what he thought was gay porn online but shredded it when he realised it was children.

He alleged he was then very unlucky when members of his gamblers anonymous group came back to his house after a meeting and left items of hardware behind.

It was said on his behalf that Baisley maintains his innocence and has lost his job as a result of the conviction.