November 2016

Pervert impersonated a police officer to get details of Cursed Child actors


A convicted paedophile impersonated a police officer to obtain details of child actors from West End sell-out Harry Potter and The Cursed Child.

Reece Scobie, 23, was dressed in full police uniform, including body armour and handcuffs, when he managed to get backstage at the Palace Theatre in Soho, central London.

Scobie asked performers for details, including phone numbers and email addresses.

But Scobie, who had booked a two-week stay at the nearby Z Hotel in Soho, was arrested shortly afterwards after doubts were raised about his identity.

He admitted impersonating a police officer and wearing a uniform with intent to deceive at Westminster Magistrates’ Court.

Scobie also breaching sexual offences prevention order requirements by failing to notify police of a change of address and using a bank account not registered with the police to book the hotel and theatre tickets.

Scobie was jailed for 12 months in Iceland last February for fraud and possessing indecent images of kids.

He was arrested when his New York-bound flight, paid for with a fake credit card, touched down to refuel in Rekjavik.

Scobie had admitted fraud charges as well as possessing and distributing 4,750 photographs and 345 videos of child porn at the District Court of Reykjanes.

Scobie, of Inchture, Perth, admitted impersonating a police officer, wearing a police uniform with intent to deceive and two counts of breaching the notification requirements of the sex offenders register.

He was jailed for a total of eight months.

February 2016

Jetsetting Scots swindler jailed for fraud and indecent images of kids


A SCOTS swindler behind a £70,000 global travel con has been jailed in Iceland for fraud and possessing indecent images of kids.

Reece Scobie, 22, was nicked when his New York-bound flight – which he’d paid for with a fake credit card – touched down to refuel in Rekjavik.

Cops released him but re-arrested him when they discovered he’d used the fake plastic to pay for his hotel and a mobile. 

Yesterday at the District Court of Reykjanes he was banged up for a year and ordered to pay 3.3million Icelandic Krona – £18,000 – in court costs.

The crook, from Perth – once compared to Catch Me If You Can fraudster Frank Abagnale – admitted repeated fraud violations and possessing and distributing 4,750 illicit snaps and 345 vile videos.

Scobie, who also had his computer equipment confiscated, will serve out the remainder of his sentence in the UK.

In 2013 aged just 19 he was jailed for 16 months for swindling travel agents out of £70,000 to fund his jetsetting lifestyle.

He booked business class flights and hotels around the world and used so many bogus names he couldn’t remember them all.

Scobie – who claims he suffers from Aspergers Syndrome – was in Los Angeles when his scam was rumbled and admitted the fraud between July 2011 and January 2012.

At Perth Sheriff Court his solicitor compared him to notorious US fraudster Frank Abagnale, whose life story was made into hit film Catch Me If You Can, starring Leonardo Di Caprio.

Jim Laverty said: “People jot down their dream journeys on paper but, unfortunately, Scobie had the wherewhithal to book those in the real world.”

Scobie also scammed at least five luxury holidays each costing between £5,000 and £10,000 while living with his mother.

And he even managed to dupe court staff into handing him back his passport, which had been confiscated as a condition of bail.

After working for Thomson Travel for just two months, he continued to use the company’s passwords to book flights and hotels after he’d left – conning them out of £11,200.

And while in a British Airways lounge, he discovered that the previous computer user who worked for Cambridge Business Travel had not properly logged off.

He scanned their emails and was able to gain access to the company’s booking system – using it to book nearly £60,000 of flights to LA, New York, Atlanta and Abu Dhabi and Singapore.