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February 2016

Cotswold man jailed for having sex with schoolgirls

A man has been jailed for having sex with two schoolgirls — after he appeared on the Jeremy Kyle Show and discovered he had a BABY with one of them when she was 15.

Kenny Smith, 21, of Stockwells, Moreton in Marsh admitted four charges of sexual activity with the girls between 2011 and 2015.

A court heard his offences against the first girl — the mother of his child — only came to light when the second girl told cops he had appeared on the ITV show.

He was sentenced to a total of five years ten months imprisonment and ordered to sign the sex offenders register for life.

An indefinite sexual harm prevention order was also made against him.

During her police interview she revealed that Smith and the 15-year-old girl appeared on the programme for a DNA test, although it is unclear whether Kyle or the producers were aware of the girl’s age during filming.

Prosecutor Kerry Barker told jurors Smith began his relationship with the second girl in May 2014, when she was 14.

Her mother became concerned that he kept visiting the house but despite her repeated warnings he spent more and more time there and even stayed overnight.

She believed they were staying in separate rooms but found the pair in bed together. Smith insisted he had not touched the girl.

Mr Barker said: “Social services became involved and told the girl she was not to have any form of sexual relationship with him.”

However the girl, who cannot be named, went missing for three to four days at a time and began lying about where she had been.

On one occasion police brought her home after four days away and she had a love bite on her neck.

She was then interviewed by cops where she admitted to beginning a sexual relationship with Smith because “he was kind to her, comforted her and bought her nice things”.

But she also told police he “liked to be in control” and would get angry, jealous and grab her around the neck if she phoned anyone else.

Mr Barker said: “He wouldn’t let her go to parties, wear make-up or talk to people her own age. He didn’t like her talking to boys at school and as a result of his control her attendance at school deteriorated badly.”

He added that when Smith was arrested in February last year he denied
assaulting the girl, but refused to comment on whether he had ever had sex
with her.

Mr Barker added: “She was interviewed and told them she was not the first girl he had treated this way. She said she knew a girl who’d had a baby with him and that they had been on the Jeremy Kyle show.

“As a consequence of that the police made further investigations and obtained footage from the TV show. It showed him appearing together with a girl and her mother.

“The girl had given birth at 15 and it was his child. The producers of that programme had obtained DNA evidence that it was his baby.

“That girl was interviewed by the police and said she’d had a relationship with Smith when she was 14 and he was 18.

“They had first met in November 2011 and the relationship had quickly become sexual. They had full sex every couple of days. He was her first sexual partner.

“She said he would buy her sweets, chocolate, crisps and pop. But as the relationship developed he would start to control her movements. He would stop her going out with friends and family.

“She found she was pregnant in April 2012 and she gave birth in December. He was present when she gave birth and he was named on the birth certificate.”

The Jeremy Kyle Show has not yet responded to questions regarding whether they informed police or social services about Smith’s relationship with the
mother of his child.

It has also not commented on whether there are safeguarding procedures in place to deal with such incidents

The court heard the first girl would not give a statement against Smith when interviewed by police.

The second girl, however, described how he controlled her. She said: “He did not want me to go to school because there were boys there. I ended up not going to school and missing all my friends because I put Kenny before

“My life is better again now that Kenny is not in it. I can see my friends and go where I like.”

Smith, of Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucs, was jailed for five years and ten months at Gloucester crown court.

He was also ordered to sign the sex offenders’ register for life and an indefinite sexual harm prevention order was made against him.

Sentencing Smith, Judge Michael Cullum said: “It doesn’t matter that the girls were willing. That is irrelevant.

“These charges are about the exploitation of children. When you moved on to the second girl it was deliberate and exploitative. You groomed both girls.”