April 2017

Sex offender fined £1,000 for not telling police where he lived

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A man who has been ordered to let the police know where he is living at all times has been censured after “going missing”.

Officers were forced to track down Malcolm Kerr after he disregarded orders to make an annual visit to the police station to record his home address.

Kerr, now 69, was once a chartered accountant who earned significant sums working around the world.

After leaving the world of finance, however, the classic car collector found himself banned from driving following convictions for drink driving in 2015.

He was branded “arrogant” after being caught twice in the space of a week – around twice the legal limit each time.

A sheriff at the time said Kerr gave the impression that he “didn’t know what all the fuss was about”.

Kerr was shamed further in 2016 after he admitted downloading child sex abuse images at his home near Dunkeld and was fined £15,000 for his crime after a sheriff told him he should help fund the fight to catch other paedophiles.

Perth Sheriff Court was told he had lived a “privileged” life and that his money would go to the public purse to help investigate others like him who download illegal images.

He was placed on the sex offenders register as part of that sentence, which carried with it a number of responsibilities.

They included registering his details, including his home address, with the police on an annual basis so that his whereabouts are always known.

His blasé attitude to what is expected of him was in evidence again, however, as he appeared in the dock at Perth Sheriff Court once more to admit failing to do so between December 30 last year and January 6 this year.

He blamed the rural nature of his home and a dodgy phone signal for having failed to comply with the terms of his order and not answering calls from the authorities.

Depute fiscal Nicola Gillespie said: “When he failed to comply with the terms of the sex offenders register on December 29, police officers made numerous unsuccessful attempts to contact him.

“He was traced at his home on January 6 and spoken to by officers.

“He told them: ‘I was just sitting at home. I wasn’t committing sexual offences’.”

Sheriff William Wood fined Kerr £1,000, telling him his disregard for the terms of the sex offenders register put his liberty in jeopardy.

He said: “Your obligations are very serious. “You must register with the police. “If you offend again in this way then you may well go to prison.”

February 2016

Wealthy accountant fined £15,000 after being caught with child abuse images

A WEALTHY sex offender fined £15,000 to help fund the hunt for other paedophiles has been hit with another four figure fine by a sheriff.

Oxford graduate Malcolm Kerr – branded “arrogant” in court – was fined £1,000 pounds today after he admitted failing to register as a sex offender with the police.

Kerr, who was previously caught with child abuse images, claimed his sprawling home was so remote it had no phone reception when the police tried to contact him.

When the retired chartered accountant failed to sign the annual register before his deadline, officers had to travel to his home to arrest him.

Solicitor Steve Lafferty, defending, said: “He accepts he didn’t comply with the legislation. He resides in a remote setting and that explains in some measure why he didn’t respond to the phone.

When he was convicted and placed on the sex offenders register last year, Kerr was told his money could go into the public purse to help investigate others like him who downloaded child pornography.

Kerr, 69, was allowed to walk free, but was hit with a massive fine after a court heard how he led a “privileged” life as a chartered accountant around the world.

Sheriff Lindsay Foulis told Kerr: “I don’t see any point in imposing social work intervention, bearing in mind his age. He is a man of not inconsiderable means and one can make one’s point with the imposition of a considerable monetary penalty.

“It goes into the common public purse and, in a roundabout way, allows more funds to go back to the authorities who investigate these matters.”

He told Kerr he could have imposed a jail term but as he was technically a first offender it would be limited in length to just a few months and he would only serve half of that.

Kerr, 68, Easter Ballachraggan Farm, Dunkeld, admitted downloading child sexual abuse images at his home in Dunkeld between March 25 and June 15 2013 and having illicit images between March 2013 and November 2014.

Sheriff Foulis noted that Kerr had worked in Vienna, Paris, California and Switzerland during his career in finance and earned a pension of £2,500 per month.