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February 2016

Pervert asked underage girls to send naked pictures


A PERVERT has been jailed for posing online as a woman running a modelling agency to persuade underage girls to send him naked pictures.

Conan Thompson, who was engaged, pestered children aged 12 to 15 over Facebook for indecent images, a court heard.

The 24-year-old even sent them photographs of naked women to convince them he was genuine – and to encourage them to send similar pictures of themselves.

Thompson claimed he was Laura Fall, and would pay £250 for images used, Plymouth Crown Court heard.

Thompson had only months before reached the finals of The Herald’s Win a Dream Wedding competition for a £20,000 ceremony to his fiance.

He told police he did not have an interest in underage girls.

Jailing him for two years, Recorder Michael Parroy said he clearly wanted the images for his own sexual gratification.

He said: “This was carefully thought-out and persistent. It went on for some months and involved a number of girls.

“It is sometimes suggested that this type of crime is victimless, but clearly some of these girls were upset.

“These girls are entitled to and must receive the protection of the court. You have been kindly treated in the light of what you have done.”

Thompson, of Wantage Gardens, Stonehouse, pleaded guilty to four counts of inciting a child to engage in pornography between August and November 2013.

Piers Norsworthy, for the Crown Prosecution Service, said police were alerted in November 2014 to a Facebook page purporting to be from the Laura Fall modelling agency.

It was linked to an email account for Conan Thompson.

He added that the page advertised £250 for photographs from girls – but there was no evidence anyone had been paid.

Mr Norsworthy said the families of four girls aged between 12 and 15 had contacted police.

Each said they had been contacted through the social networking site asking for photographs.

Mr Norsworthy said the girls had been sent images of women, thought to be taken from the internet, some of whom were posing naked.

He added that one girl sent a picture of herself in a bikini, while another sent a topless image – albeit with her arm across her chest. Others were asked for naked images.

Ali Rafati, for Thompson, said he had been socially isolated at the time after the death of his parents.

He added that Thompson had since met a pregnant woman and was looking after her child in an “appropriate relationship”.

Thompson must also stay on the Sex Offender Register for the next decade.