May 2009

Violent thug guilty of attacking women and children

An out-of-control man repeatedly struck a five-year-old boy causing facial bruising and a blood-shot eye, a court heard.

Kenneth Peter Green also attacked his own mother with punches, while she was recovering from cancer surgery.

During a New Year’s Eve party, the 28-year-old also head-butted a 26-year-old woman in front of her six-year-old daughter.

Green, formerly of Stephenson Drive, New Parks, Leicester, was jailed for two years and four months after admitting three separate incidents of causing actual bodily harm.

Avik Mukherjee, prosecuting, told Leicester Crown Court that Green was staying overnight at a house in Neston Gardens, Saffron Lane, with a female friend, her five-year-old son and another couple last August.

The child began to cry after his mother went out – and Green went to tend to him, but ended up assaulting him.

The mother returned to see the boy’s blood-shot eye and bruised face.

The child claimed the defendant had punched and slapped him hard about 10 times.

Mr Mukherjee said an examination revealed the boy had pinch marks, a black eye, and bruising under his eyes, more consistent with slapping.

On New Year’s Eve 2007, he attacked a different female friend at a house party in Stephenson Drive, in front of her young daughter, who was screaming.

The woman had earlier spurned Green’s advances and he head-butted her.

She became dazed, confused and concussed and as she left the defendant was outside laughing at her.

She suffered a bruised mouth and underwent dental treatment to re-implant a tooth.

Green was on bail for both assaults, when he turned up drunk at his mother’s home, in Stephenson Drive, banging on the door and waking her up on November 15.

She had earlier thrown him out because of his aggressive behaviour.

He came into the house and when she asked him to leave, and began calling the police, he punched her in the face, causing bruising.

“She had recently had surgery,” said Mr Mukherjee.

He said: “She was terrified. She described curling up in a ball and being repeatedly punched. She was heartbroken and sickened.”

The court heard she had since forgiven him, had visited him in custody and tried to withdraw her complaint.

Green admitted damaging a window at his sister’s home