Update: Jordan Gould-Martin has now been released

January 2016

Man Jailed for Molesting 13-year-old School Girl


A Wigan man who sexually abused a 13-year-old girl was today (Thur) starting an 18 month jail sentence.

Jordan Gould-Martin began chatting to the girl and her friend, both in their school uniforms, after they made a complimentary comment as he rode by on his bicycle.

He invited them both back to his home and while there he sexually molested one of them.

Sentencing him Judge Robert Trevor-Jones said that the girl had told him her age and he taken advantage of her naivety and immaturity. “She was excited and flattered by the attention of a older person.”

He said that he had sexual activity with her “despite barely knowing her.”

Liverpool Crown Court heard that the victim’s schooling was adversely affected because of gossip and spurious allegations about what had happened.

21-year-old Gould-Martin, of Hey Street, had been convicted of sexual activity after a trial. He was cleared on the judge’s directions of raping her and the jury found him not guilty of two other offences of sexual activity with her.

Gould-Martin admitted sexually touching the girl but denied knowing that she was under-age.

The judge imposed a Sexual Harm Prevention Order for life banning him from contact with under 16-year-old girls and ordered him to sign on the Sexual Offences Register for ten years.