January 2019

Convicted paedophile caught by paedophile hunting team

An already convicted paedophile who arranged to meet a 13 year old girl following sexual grooming has been jailed

Victor Balfour, 64 years old of Westwey Road, Weymouth appeared at Bournemouth Crown Court toady where he had previously admitted:

  • – Sexual communication with a child

  • – Inciting a child into sexual activity

  • – Attempting to meet a child following sexual grooming

  • Breaching a previous sexual harm prevention order

Balfour, who was already under a sexual harm prevention order, and who was supposed to have his internet activity monitored by police contacted the online profile of who he believed belonged to a schoolgirl

Balfour sent highly sexually explicit chat with the full intent of meeting the child and engaging her into sexual activity

Balfour told the child to get on a train and travel to Weymouth so she could sleep at his house. 

The court heard was told that Balfour arrived at Weymouth train station in November of this year to greet the girl he had arranged to meet following several months of online sexual grooming.

However, he was met by members of two paedophile hunting teams called ‘UK database & ‘Protecting Pompey’s Innocent’

The teams explained who they were, and what they did before questioning Balfour on his internet activity.

Balfour initially denied he had contacted the girl. However, after the teams presented him with their evidence he fully admitted he sent sexually explicit messages to the girl .

The team told a shocked Balfour that the 13 year old girl he had been speaking to was actually a decoy from the UK database.

Decoys are adult members of the team that pose online as underage girls in order to catch sexual predators that target children. The decoy was Chantii Decoy

The police were called and Balfour was arrested at the scene

Today, the judge sentenced Balfour to three years imprisonment

A sexual harm prevention order was imposed until further notice and Balfour was told that he must register as a sex offender for life

Previous offending:

During sentencing, the court was told that Balfour had a significant criminal past

In 2015, Balfour (then of Cardiff) was handed a community order after he groomed a real nine year old girl on WhatsApp.

During that investigation, the police discovered indecent images and movies of children on his mobile phone – some classed in the most serious category and of girls as young as nine

A search of the device’s internet browsing history revealed terms such as “young teens wanting sex”

In May 2018, Balfour breached his sexual harm prevention order and received a suspended sentence

May 2018

Pervert breached sexual offences prevention order

Victor Peter Balfour, also known as Victor James Balfour, aged 64, of Westwey Road, Weymouth.

Admitted without reasonable excuse, did something, namely accessed social networking sites, which he was prohibited from doing by a sexual harm prevention order.

Committed to prison for 4 months suspended for 18 months. To pay costs of £85.

Also admitted without reasonable excuse, did something, namely deleted internet history, which he was prohibited from doing by a sexual harm prevention order.

Committed to prison for 4 months concurrent suspended for 18 months. Overall length of sentence is 4 months.

December 2015

Man who had indecent images of girls as young as nine avoids prison

A “thoroughly dishonest” 62-year-old man who had indecent images of children – some in the most serious category – on his smartphone has been ordered to take part in sex offenders’ treatment programmes.

Victor James Balfour, of Penarth Road, Grangetown , Cardiff , had admitted two offences of possessing indecent images of girls as young as nine.

Police carrying out a search warrant at his home confiscated a mobile phone which was later found to include three downloaded photographs and a video in category A and a photograph in category B.

A search of the device’s internet browsing history revealed terms such as “young teens wanting sex”, prosecutor Richard Ace told Cardiff Crown Court on Monday.

Mr Ace also revealed that Balfour had told police who interviewed him the images had been sent to him via messaging service WhatsApp by a nine year old girl he was chatting to.

He claimed to police the girls in the pictures were adults and actors – and insisted he had simply forgotten to delete the images after they had been sent to him.

The court heard Balfour had a significant criminal past, although none for similar offences.

Condemning his “terrible record of convictions”, Judge Jonathan Furness QC told Balfour: “You are a thoroughly dishonest man who’s lived an unlawful lifestyle throughout your life.

“There seems to be little appreciation on your part for the harm your offending can cause.

“You are not directly abusing these girls but you are indirectly doing so and you are providing the market which creates the situation where they are abused.

“It’s a filthy, horrid crime and undoubtedly what you need is to learn that.”

Told he did not appear to understand the suffering which results from his crime, the defendant was handed a three-year community order, told to take part in the treatment programme and was made the subject of a five-year sexual harm prevention order.

He must also pay court charges totalling £960.

The order sets out a series of measures with which Balfour must comply, including compelling him to make his internet browsing history available to police on request and banning him from having unsupervised contact with children.

Meanwhile, Judge Furness imposed a similar sentence on 49-year-old Nigel Hughes, of Lynmouth Crescent, Rumney , Cardiff, who admitted three counts of possessing indecent images of boys as young as 11.

Detectives found two category A pictures, nine in category B and four in category C on a Samsung Galaxy tablet belonging to Hughes, who had no previous convictions.