August 2017

Serial sex offender jailed after being left alone with two-year-old girl

A serial sex offender has been jailed after he was found guilty of breaching sexual prevention orders while using a fake name.

Daniel Gilbert was jailed for 14 months after it was found he was in the company of a two-year-old girl – something he was banned from doing.

Derby Crown Court heard that 31-year-old Gilbert and his girlfriend had become friends with a couple in the West Midlands and offered to look after their two-year-old daughter. This was done while Gilbert was living as “Danny Smith”.

Gilbert is banned from being in the company of anyone aged 16 or under without the permission of parents.

This ten-year ban started in 2012 on his release from prison after he was sentenced for three years, with a three year extension, for committing three sexual offences.

In 2010, he was caught with more than 2,000 indecent images of young children as well as images of humans having sex with animals

At the time the judge told Gilbert, that he had an “appalling” interest of young girls.

There was no suggestion that Gilbert had done anything untoward with the two-year-old girl, the court heard.

But Gilbert was caught out earlier this year when an appeal was launched on the BBC Crimewatch programme to locate him.

Derbyshire police issued a press release a year ago with a photograph of Gilbert asking the public to contact them if they knew of his whereabouts.

At the time, they said he was on recall to prison as he had breached his prison release conditions.

Then, in March this year, he was featured on the BBC show, watched by millions, because detectives in Derby wanted to talk to him in connection with an alleged offence in the city in 2015.

After being discovered in Dudley, Gilbert was soon put behind bars again after admitting being unlawfully at large for a year and for failing to notify the police of his permanent address – something he was obliged to do.

Hannah Whelan, prosecuting, said: “It was only following the successful appeal on the Crimewatch TV programme that Gilbert was found by West Midlands Police on March 21. He had been living in Dudley under the name of Danny Smith.

“The defendant put himself in the company of a couple’s daughter who was two years old – that was in breach of the sexual prevention order which was imposed in September 2012.

“The defendant and his girlfriend became friends with the couple through a football club initially and the defendant then offered to take care of their child.

“On one occasion, the defendant and his girlfriend took the girl to a play centre alone and, on one occasion, the defendant cared for her on his own at her home address. And it’s known to her parents the defendant changed her nappy.”

Gilbert pleaded guilty to the breaches at Derbyshire Magistrates Court on July 11. His 14-month sentence was ordered to run concurrently with a two-year jail sentence he is serving at HMP Nottingham.

He said: “Mr Gilbert you are a very worrying person as far as the courts are concerned. You have two serious previous convictions in relation to sexual offences against young girls and one of the ways of checking on you to make sure you don’t commit further offences is to have a reporting restriction on and also a sexual prevention order which you have breached.

“It is a serious breach. You got yourself into this family by telling a series of lies. I don’t know what your interior motive was. Nevertheless it was a breach and you did this with some degree of cleverness.”

September 2016: Now living in Dudley

June 2010

Pervert jailed for possesion of indecent images of children

A PERVERTED plumber who was caught by police with more than 2,000 indecent images of children and animals has been jailed by a city judge.

Shamed Daniel Gilbert (29) of John Bird Walk, Farcet, Peterborough, was jailed for 12 months at Peterborough Crown Court yesterday after pleading guilty to:

  • Two counts of making indecent images of children

  • Two counts of possession of indecent images of children

  • Four counts of possession of extreme pornographic images 

The images related to teenage girls aged under 16, as well as animals including dogs, cows, horses and a mackerel.

Judge Neil McKittrick said the self-employed plumber was “perverted in his attitude to human life, animal life and normal sexual attitudes.”

Craig McDougall, prosecuting, told the court that Gilbert admitted viewing such images for five years before detectives started monitoring his internet use in November 2008.

In June last year, a warrant was executed at his house. Gilbert directed officers to his lap-top. Mr McDougall said: “He said that he had no other involvement with children and had never approached them.”

The court heard he had 1,399 extreme pornographic images – of animals and humans.

He also had 732 photographs and movies of children at level one on the copine scale , 16 at level two, 43 at level three and 97 at level four – the second highest level.

Defending, John Kirkpatrick told the court that Gilbert had undertaken counselling, adding: “He did not recognise he was harming children. “He is motivated to do what ever is necessary to make sure he does not look at these images again.”

Sentencing, Judge McKittrick told Gilbert: “It does not matter where the abuse took place. All it means is that somewhere in the world children are being maltreated, humiliated and abused to give gratification to people like you.

“I view this as a bad case of its type.”

As well as being jailed, Gilbert was ordered to sign the sex offenders register for 10 years and was banned from having unsupervised contact with children for an indefinite period. The computer was ordered to be destroyed.