July 2016

Paedophile policeman who preyed on boy has appeal thrown out


A paedophile policeman who was jailed after he paid a young boy for sexual services was rightly branded a “danger”, top judges said today.

Disgraced former sergeant Christopher Jon Cambray, 43, admitted a string of child sex and child sexual abuse images offences last September.

Considered “dangerous”, he was given a sentence comprising four years and two months jail, with another five years on extended licence.

Today (Friday, July 8), his case was back in court as he fought the Birmingham Crown Courtruling that he is a risk of serious harm to children.

But three senior judges kicked out his complaints about his sentence in a five-minute hearing at the Court of Appeal .

Judge Martyn Zeidman QC said there was ample evidence of the danger which Cambray, of Shrewley Common, near Warwick, poses.

His offences had taken place over a “number of years” and he had shown little empathy for his victims or understanding of the impact of his crimes.

“The sentencing judge was entitled to conclude that he posed a substantial risk of future serious harm to teenage boys,” said Judge Zeidman.

“The decision cannot be described as wrong in principle and it did not produce a manifestly excessive sentence.

“We take the view that the overall sentence was appropriate.”

Cambray was jailed last November after admitting child abuse images offences, paying for sexual services of a child and sexual activity with a child.

November 2015

Ex-police officer jailed for abusing boy and paying another child for sex


A former award-winning police officer who sexually abused a boy and paid another victim for sex has been jailed for four years and two months.

Ex-Warwickshire Police sergeant Christopher Cambray, 42, was ordered to undergo an extended five-year licence period after being described as a dangerous offender posing a serious risk to potential victims. 

In 2002, he was voted best trainee officer of the year, out of 100 other students across Warwickshire. The then community beat bobby for Whitnash was honoured as Probationer of the Year by then Warwickshire Police Chief Constable John Burbeck.

Cambray, from Shrewley, Warwickshire , pleaded guilty last month to a charge of paying for the sexual services of a child, three counts relating to indecent photographs, and two of sexual activity with a child.

The officer, who was dismissed by his force in July, was condemned by a judge at Birmingham Crown Court for “projecting fault” on to the complainants in the case.

Judge Mark Wall QC told Cambray: “I have to consider whether I am to treat you as a dangerous offender. The answer I have come up with is that I should and I will.

“This is a prolonged course of conduct going on over a number of years.”

Ordering Cambray to register as a sex offender for life and serve at least two-thirds of his jail term in custody, the judge added that pre-sentence reports had identified a “poor me” tendency and no victim empathy in the defendant.

Warwickshire Police said Cambray was arrested in September last year and was dismissed “at the earliest possible opportunity” at a special case hearing.

Detective Superintendent Gary Watson, said: “All our officers and staff are subject to the highest scrutiny and vetting in advance of starting a job with us.

“They are privileged to hold a public office and the standard expected of them as a result is continually emphasised to them.

“It is distressing for all concerned when one of those officers is found guilty of a crime that is amongst one of the most challenging and incomprehensible with which we deal.

“Our thoughts are completely focused on the victims at this time.

“As soon as we became aware of these offences, we took action to bring Christopher Cambray to justice, standing him down from his duties whilst the investigation and trial process took place.”

September 2015

Warwickshire policeman paid child for sex services

A police officer has admitted paying a child for sex acts.

Christopher Cambray, 42, who has won awards for his work with Warwickshire Police, pleaded guilty to six sexual offences against children.

These included sexual activity with a child and making indecent images of children, Birmingham Crown Court was told.

The former sergeant, from Shrewley in Warwickshire, will be sentenced on 27 November.

Warwickshire Police said Cambray was dismissed “at the earliest possible opportunity” by a special case hearing chaired by the chief constable,

Cambray had been trying to appeal against his dismissal, a spokesman said.

Det Insp Vikki Reay said: “Throughout the investigation, our key concern has been the welfare, protection and wellbeing of the children involved.”