July 2017

Warnings not acted on before ice skater abused girls

More could have been done by police to stop a paedophile ice skater after warning signs about his behaviour were not acted upon, police have admitted.

Jamie Whiteman was detained in 2015 after admitting abusing five girls while he trained at Hull Arena.

He was caught taking indecent photos of a 10-year-old in Nottingham in 2012, but details were not shared with local authorities after he moved to Hull.

A review is under way into how multiple agencies handled the case.

Whiteman, 22, who pleaded guilty to 16 offences in total, was given a three-year sentence at a young offenders institution and has since been released.

Before he started to train in Hull, he was caught taking photos on his phone of a girl while she got dressed in the changing rooms of the Nottingham Ice Centre.

Nottinghamshire Police said he was warned by an officer about his behaviour, but no referral was made to other agencies at that stage. The officer has since left the force.

A force spokesperson said: “Having reviewed this incident, the force deems the officer’s decision to have been inappropriate and he could and should have done more at the time.”

Within weeks of Whiteman arriving in Hull, he started to groom a 15-year-old skater into exchanging sexually explicit photographs.

In May 2013, her parents informed coaches and managers and Humberside Police started an investigation.

The girl’s father said: “If they would have listened to what we had to say early on, it wouldn’t have happened to anyone else, it all could have been avoided.

“I think the council wasn’t fast enough in reacting to the information they were getting. You would have thought they would have taken him off the ice straight away.”

Whiteman, who represented Great Britain at the World Junior Figure Skating Championships in 2013, groomed girls as young as 12 in Hull over several months.

Matthew Grove, former Humberside police and crime commissioner, said his behaviour should have been confronted “at the earliest opportunity”.

“What information was passed across to the city of Hull about this individual, who had serious question marks about his conduct?” he said.

“What was done to protect the children in the city of Hull? Sadly, the answer is probably nothing.”

The city council said Whiteman had not been employed by the authority as an ice skating coach and it took “immediate action” to limit his access at Hull Arena when concerns arose about his behaviour.

July 2015

Ice skater sentenced to 3 years for sex offences against girls


A FORMER Great Britain figure skater who represented his country at the Youth Olympics has been jailed for three years for sexually abusing young girls.

Jamie Whiteman, 20, had been a “talented role model” tipped to reach the top of his sport. But he left the dock of Hull Crown Court in disgrace yesterday when he was jailed for 16 child sex offences.

His five victims were all young girls from the Hull area, with the youngest just 12.

Whiteman took one of his victims to a hotel in the city and plied her with alcohol before having sex with her.

Her mother had dropped her off in the city centre “oblivious” to what was about to happen, the court heard.

He got another girl to perform sex acts on him after taking her into the toilet of a Costa Coffee shop.

On three other occasions, Whiteman watched a girl in states of undress.

He sent and received explicit pictures from the girls, including a video from one.

The court heard the sexual activity was consensual, but Whiteman knew they were underage. He was aged between 17 and 19 at the time.

John Thackray, prosecuting, said Whiteman made it clear to one of his victims what his interest was. Mr Thackray said: “He did say to her that he was a paedophile and he knew he had a problem.”

Police also found search terms on his computer including “12-year-old porn” and “young porn”.

Two of Whiteman’s victims were brave enough to read statements at court describing the impact of his crimes on them.

They suffered anxiety and depression and their schoolwork suffered.

One said: “I decided to take my own life as a result of it all, but luckily it didn’t work

Last month he admitted 16 sexual offences against five girls, including repeatedly having sex with one of them from when she was just 13.

He admitted:

• Making indecent photographs of children;

• Seven counts of causing a child to engage in sexual activity;

• Inciting a child to engage in sexual activity;

• Voyeurism;

• Two counts of causing a child to watch a sexual act;

• Four counts of sexual activity with a child.


June 2015

Champion figure skater told to expect prison for string of sex offences

An Ashfield figure skater has been warned he could be jailed after admitting 16 sexual offences against five schoolgirls.

Jamie Whiteman, 20, groomed teenagers who had a schoolgirl crush on the Olympic hopeful encouraging them in a string of sex acts as he moved from one girl to another over 20 months. 

Whiteman, who has taken part in four National Championships, repeatedly had sex with one 13-year-old girl, Hull Crown Court was told today (24th June).

He also encouraged four girls to send pictures of themselves performing indecent acts and witnessed another child partially undressed.

Whiteman, who took part in the World Junior Championships in 2013, pleaded guilty to 16 offences before a scheduled trial.

The five teenage girls were on standby to give evidence.

Whiteman, dressed in a silver suit and watched by his family from the public gallery, pleaded guilty to:

  • One charge of making indecent photographs of children

  • Eight charges of inciting or causing children to engage in sexual activity

  • One charge of voyeurism

  • Four charges of sexual activity with a child

Whiteman, who is originally from Huthwaite, gave his current address as Woodend Drive, Ravenshead.

He finished 7th in the European Youth Olympics in 2011 before the offending took place. He took part in the World Junior Championships in 2013 making a personal best in the short programme.

Defence barrister Anil Murray admitted whatever the outcome of the case, his professional ambition had been thwarted.

“He will no longer be an ice skater,” he said.

“The defendant accepts he asked the complainants for indecent images of themselves and sent indecent images himself. This was against a background of strong mutual attraction. In one female’s case he accepts the sexual acts were mutually consensual, and while he was aware of her chronological age, she appeared mature above her years.”

Crown barrister John Thackray said the CPS had considered the photographic image of one of the main complainants in the case and said she looked her age at the time – she was between 12 and 13-years-old.

Judge Mark Bury told Whiteman (pictured leaving court): “Let me make this plain to you. You have pleaded guilty to very serious offences against girls who were under 16.

“These are 16 offences of a sexual nature. You had indicated your plea of guilty to some of these offences before today and the rest today for the first time.

“You are a young man with no record of previous offending. I have not yet decided the sentence I will impose. Please understand because I am granting you bail that is not an indication of sentence. All sentencing options are open, including custody. You must, if I were you, come with a bag prepared to be locked up on the next occasion.”

Whiteman will be sentenced on 27th July.