June 2015

Sickening pervert caught trying to meet 14-year-old girl


THIS is the moment a pervert was snared in a trap set by self-professed paedophile hunter Stinson Hunter.

Karl Grogan, 53, was caught after arranging to meet Hunter — posing as a 14-year-old called Jade — at a cinema in Blackburn.

In a sickening exchange of messages on adult dating site Lovoo, Grogan ignored repeated mentions of the “youngster’s” age, saying: “Lots of men on here meet you out and rape you, then you’d know about it hun. I’m not like that.”

After repeated lewd comments from Grogan, Hunter, posing as the teenager, told him: “You’re disgusting. You only want me for one thing. That’s all you think about. I’m 14, for God’s sake. This is a big deal for me and you’re going on about sex stuff all the time.

“It’s upsetting me and you don’t care.”

But Grogan replied: “I do care but you want me to take you out and want nothing in return. Why are you on a dating site?”

In full knowledge of the age of the girl he was supposedly speaking to, Grogan went on to make arrangements to meet the teenager at Vue Cinema in Blackburn on February 23. When he arrived for the date he was greeted by Hunter, whose confrontation with the pervert was captured on video.

Police were called and the video was posted on YouTube where it received more than 3,000 likes before Grogan appeared in court.

The day after the attempted meet-up, police officers called at Grogan’s house and showed him the video. He said he believed he was meeting a 16-year-old but later pleaded guilty to a charge of attempting to meet a child after grooming.

He was remanded in custody for his own protection.

Judge Andrew Woolman, sentencing at Preston Crown Court, said: “You spent time in February contacting over the internet somebody you thought was Jade, 14. You suggested to her that you wanted to meet for sexual purposes including sexual intercourse and she told you very clearly, or indeed Stinson Hunter told you very clearly, that Jade was 14.

“You carried on with your communication and eventually went on to meet somebody you thought was Jade.”

He released Grogan from jail, saying: “More good will be done by releasing you from prison to enable you to go on probation courses.”

He ordered Grogan to undergo supervision with the probation service and made him the subject of a five-year sexual harm prevention order.