November 2017: Jason Duncan will be released later this month

June 2015

Convicted rapist sent back to jail after grooming deaf teen over internet

A convicted rapist who preyed upon a profoundly deaf 14-year-old girl has been sent back to jail.

Jason Duncan was branded dangerous by a judge at Liverpool Crown Court as he was handed an extended six-and-a-half year prison sentence.

The 31-year-old, of Southcroft Road, Wallasey, groomed the teenager on the internet and on text messaging platform Whatsapp and persuaded her to send a topless photo.

He tried to arrange meeting her and promised he would buy his innocent victim presents on her birthday.

But Duncan was outed when the girl’s mother uncovered the “intimate” messages and reported the matter to police.

Judge Mark Brown heard that Duncan was previously jailed for seven years in 2004 by Forfar Sheriff Court for raping a 15-year-old girl and assaulting another girl of the same age after following her off a bus.

Passing sentence, he said: “You befriended her on the internet and it’s clear that you went though a process of grooming her in the expectation that you would meet up for sexual purposes.

“She was particularly vulnerable, she is profoundly deaf and is described as being very immature for her age.

“It is clear from the victim statement provided by her mother that the family are extremely protective of her. I can well understand the shock and horror which her parents must have endured once they discovered what was going on.”

Judge Brown said it was “particularly sad” that the girl’s parents had understandably clamped down on her internet use, because the web enabled her to communicate with others far more easily.

He told Duncan: “It is clear to me that but for the prompt and very vigilant actions of her mother, it may be that the pair of you would have met up. Goodness knows what may have happened had that taken place.”

In the victim statement, the girl’s mother said: “We are constantly in fear and looking over our shoulders in case her contact details have been passed on to other people.

“My daughter is upset and not as she was, she thinks she has done something wrong and that we blame her.”

Duncan will serve two-and-a-half years in prison before serving another four years on licence.