August 2018

Sex offender visited children’s park because he wanted to go back to prison

A convicted sex offender visited a children’s play park 24 hours after being freed from jail – because he had nowhere to live and felt safer being locked up.

It was not the first time Mark Jarrett, 50, had purposely got himself arrested, Exeter Crown Court was told.

In 2017 the defendant, from Torquay, broke an order to stay away from children by going to the cinema to watch the film Baby Boss just hours after being released.

His latest offence is part of a pattern of deliberately getting himself arrested by breaching the terms of his Sexual Harm Prevention Order.

Recorder Paul Dunkels QC said he did not know how long the criminal justice system could keep given him bed and board but he had no choice but to jail him for 12 months.

Prosecutor Emily Pitts said the latest offence happened on August 1.

Jarrett had been released from HMP Dartmoor the day before after serving a sentence for a previous breach.

A police officer saw him near Upton Recreation Park in Torquay and arrested him.

The terms of his SHPO say he must not be within 50m of a children’s park. There were no children present at the park and Jarrett did not pose any threat on the day of his arrest, the court was told.

He was convicted of possessing indecent pictures on children in 2007 and again in 2012. Since then he has regularly breached the terms of his order imposed to protect the public.

June 2017

Dangerous paedophile sat with children at Boss Baby movie in Torbay

A dangerous paedophile has been jailed for mingling with young children at the film Boss Baby just hours after being released from prison.

Mark Jarrett was subject to a court order to have no contact with children when he was released from Exeter Prison earlier this year but broke it immediately.

He went to a children’s play park in Torbay and then on to a cinema showing Boss Baby, where the rest of the audience was made up of parents with young children.

Jarrett was jailed for 30 months after a judge said he had a long standing sexual interest in the sadistic sexual abuse of boys and poses a high danger to the public.

The 49-year-old was originally jailed for taking photographs of children on beaches and downloading abuse images but has gone on to break Sexual Harm Prevention Orders (SHPO) three times.

He called police to tell him what he had done because he feels unsafe outside prison and committed the offences with the intention of being sent back there.

Jarrett, of no fixed abode but formerly of Tor Vale Road, Torquay, admitted breach of a SHPO and was jailed for 30 months by Recorder Mr Ignatius Hughes, QC, at Exeter Crown Court.

He told him:”The probation report says you have a strong sexual attraction to male children and the images you were found with had a sado masochistic elements.

“In the past you have been in possession of items that could be used for sexual activity with a child and which had a sado-masochistic bent. You have made efforts to make contact with children in a sexually preoccupied situation.

“You have expressed views to those in authority that, if not in prison, you intend to commit offences against children.

“On the basis of what I have heard you are determined to commit offences; at the very least by breaching the SHPO and possibly, if that doesn’t work, by offending directly against children.

“You have threatened as much in the past and there is a real risk of harm to other people.”

Mr Paul Grumbar, prosecuting, said Jarrett called police on the day after his release in April this year to say he was looking at children at a play area in Torbay.

He later told them he had gone to a showing of The Boss Baby at which most of the audience were children

He was made subject of the order in 2007 after being jailed for befriending a single mother and then taking indecent pictures of her children.

He was jailed again in 2012 for further offences of taking, making and possessing images, some of which were found on his phone when he was arrested on Torquay sea front.

On this occasion he was actually doing group work on a sex offenders course but then going home and downloading images of naked boys.

He was jailed again in 2013 and 2015 after deliberately breaking the order by going to children’s play areas. He called the police each time to ask to be arrested.

April 2015

Brazen paedophile jailed for going to play park just hours after being released from Exeter prison

Mark Jarrett has refused to go on courses to treat his interest in young boys and has previously been arrested while filming children on a holiday beach.

He was arrested within 24 hours of being released from a 16 month sentence when he called police to tell them he was going to a play park.

He is banned from having any contact with children or going to play areas by a Sexual Offences Prevention Order (SOPO), which he has breached repeatedly.

Homeless Jarrett, aged 37, admitted breaking the SOPO and was jailed for 18 months by Judge Simon Carr at Exeter Crown Court.

He told him:”These were disturbing circumstances. You have a history of having a sexual interest in young children with contact and non contact offences.

“Your last sentence was served in its entirety and the day after your release you deliberately breached the SOPO having contacted the police beforehand.

“You said you were concerned you were going to reoffend and wished to return to prison. You have a difficulty which you do not wish to address which means there is no alternative to a custodial sentence, when what you need is treatment.”

Mr Ian Graham, prosecuting, said Jarrett was released on March 23 and the spent that night in a bus station before calling police and saying he was going to a children’s play park at Market Street, Torquay.

Miss Ceylan Bayram, defending, said Jarrett is very vulnerable and wants to go to jail but hopes to benefit from supervision when he is released.

Jarrett’s last sentence of 16 months was imposed at Exeter last year after a Judge heard how a course to tackle his interest in children had no effect on his behaviour.

He was on a sex offenders’ programme but continued going to internet cafes to scour the internet for indecent images of boys.

He was caught when police became suspicious of him filming children on a beach on his mobile phone.

On that occasion he admitted 15 charges of making or possessing indecent images of children one of breaching a SOPO and was jailed for 16 months by Judge Phillip Wassall.

He told him:”You were sent on an intensive treatment programme which has had considerable success with other people who have tendencies towards paedophilia but want to do something about it.

“While the course was still going on you went back to downloading child sexual abuse images. You were actually taking images of children when you were arrested.

“This shows the entrenched nature of your commitment to child pornography. You were also in breach of a SOPO and that is significant in itself because it is designed to protect children.

“The order did not have any effect and this emphasises how entrenched your views are towards child sex. Despite the efforts put in you remain committed to this sort of behaviour.

“You could not possibly have engaged with the course. I have a great deal of faith in it and know how it works for those who do engage.”