June 2017

Paedophile caught sending sick images of children just weeks after being released early from prison


A convicted paedophile was caught sharing indecent pictures of children from his bail hostel – just weeks after he was freed early from jail.

Serial sex offender Jayjay McMullen, 26, had been released on parole having served just half of a 32 months jail sentence for molesting a schoolgirl he targeted on Facebook.

But while living at a halfway house for ex-cons, McMullen – who is on the Sex Offender Register – illegally acquired a mobile phone and swapped sick messages with another pervert on WhatsApp asking if he was ‘into younger.’

When the contact said he was “into 18 and 19 year olds.” McMullen replied: “haha that’s not young!” and accompanied it with the winking symbol ‘;)’ and then three images of children aged as young as eight performing sex acts.

Police seized the iPhone 4 a week after the disgusting exchange when an officer carried out a random spot check on McMullen.

When confronted with the messages and the images, McMullen claimed had been trying to “snare paedophiles” by sending the images

At Minshull Street Crown Court, Manchester, McMullen, from the city’s Blackley district, was jailed for another two years – but he is expected to serve 12 months in prison before being released back out onto the streets.

The court heard he had first been convicted of child sex offences in 2011 after he sent lewd Facebook messages to a 14-year old girl from the South Tyneside area during which he asked if she would have sex with him.

McMullen was spared jail for the offence and barred from approaching children but in November 2014 he began targeting another schoolgirl aged 14 on Facebook.

He sent the girl a ‘friend request’ before telling her she was ‘gorgeous’ and asking if she had a boyfriend.

The girl told him how old she was, but McMullen went on to tell her he ‘loved’ her and she believed she had ‘fallen in love’ with him. She was lured to Buile Hill Park in Salford where he groped her and asked for sex.

In April 2015 McMullen was jailed for two years and eight months for sexual activity with a child but was freed the following year for good behaviour and was sent to a bail a hostel pending rehabilitation into the community.

McMullen admitted possessing and distributing indecent images of children.

Judge John Potter told him: “You have been a committed and determined abuser of children causing them both direct and indirect harm.

“You had on that phone, images which showed the dreadful abuse of children aged between 8 to 12 and one of them was a moving image. It was clear what you were doing.

“The sending of these pictures which showed this dreadful abuse was to somebody who no doubt got sexual gratification in the way you do – causing indirect harm to the children who were the subject of that message.

“You will be sending yourself to prison for longer and longer and longer and that is the reality of your behaviour. Don’t blame somebody or make up stories like you did in your interview. Deal with it. You harm children. You must do something to stop harming children otherwise you will be locked up for most of your life.”

April 2015

Serial sex offender jailed for groping schoolgirl he met on Facebook

A man molested a schoolgirl he met on Facebook after being spared jail for two earlier child sex offences.

Back in 2011 Jayjay McMullen was convicted of distributing a lewd image of a 13-year-old girl and sending indecent texts to another youngster.

He was spared jail for the offences, first at South Tyneside Magistrates Court, and then Bolton Crown Court, and was barred from contacting young girls by a court order.

But, last November, within days of police visiting him to remind him of the terms of the ban, McMullen began targeting a schoolgirl on Facebook, Manchester Evening News reported .

The teenage girl, who was under 16, ended up being lured to a park where she was intimately groped by McMullen, who asked her for sex.

McMullen, 23, from Manchester, has now finally been jailed – for two years and eight months – after admitting breaching a sexual offences prevention order and sexual activity with a child.

Manchester Crown Court heard McMullen sent the girl a friendship request on Facebook before telling her she was ‘gorgeous’ and asking if she had a boyfriend.

The girl told him how old she was, but McMullen went on to tell her he ‘loved’ her.

The contact continued to the point where they met up, and she believed she had ‘fallen in love’.

The contact continued even after McMullen told the youngster he was on the sex offenders’ register.

The sexual activity took place after they met for a second time in Salford, Greater Manchester.

In January, after a friend told a staff member at their school, the girl was spoken to by police.

She admitted the contact and lied that McMullen had believed her to be 16.

He urged her to retract her statement, but she instead admitted that McMullen had known her real age.

Prosecutor Tim Greenald said of the victim: “She says she’s been left very confused by all this. She wants to know, ‘did Jay love me, or was he just using me because I was 14 when we met?’”

Describing him as a ‘prisoner of his own personality’, Nick Clarke, defending, said McMullen was ‘immature’, had a ‘dependent personality disorder’ which drew him to relationships with younger people, and needed help rather than a jail sentence.

Sending him down, Judge Martin Rudland told McMullen: “You were not just seeking emotional support from a younger person with whom you could empathise…you knew of the existence of the order preventing you from contacting teenage girls.

“You caused her to engage on sexual activity – and sought an escalation of the situation.”