September 2018

Paedo Rangers fan caught with condoms and viagra told 15-year-old Celtic fan he wanted oral sex if Gers won treble

A vile pervert who was carrying condoms and Viagra pills told a 15-year-old boy he wanted oral sex if Rangers won the Treble.

John Goodfellow was chatting to a group of schoolboys when one of the lads said he was a Celtic supporter.

He replied if the Gers won all three trophies he would give him “a pat on the back”.

But Goodfellow, 58, turned the conversation ugly when he said if Rangers completed the Scottish football clean sweep this year he wanted “more than that”.

The pervert, who is on a lifetime Sexual Offenders Protection Order (SOPO), said he wanted the schoolboy to perform the sex act on him and for him to “taste it”.

The 15-year-old boy was said to be left “shocked and weirded out” following the exchange with Goodfellow at Cockenzie Harbour, East Lothian, on June 28.

When police arrived at the popular harbour they found Goodfellow had brought 20 condoms and a bottle of Viagra with him.

Goodfellow admitted to directing sexual communications towards the 15-year-old boy for the purposes of obtaining sexual gratification when he appeared from custody at Edinburgh Sheriff Court today.

He also pleaded guilty to making contact with the teenage boy despite being banned from approaching anyone under the age of 16.

Prosecutor Lorna Ferrier told the court Goodfellow had been placed on the SOPO after he was convicted of a child sex abuse offence at Preston Crown Court in 2005.

Ms Ferrier said the pervert, originally from Burnley, Lancs, was contacted by his offenders management team that day and he had informed them he was in East Lothian on a fishing trip.

The fiscal said Goodfellow was at the harbour around 2pm and there were several groups of “school age children” enjoying themselves by diving from the pier into the sea.

Ms Ferrier said: “While at the pier one of the boys heard the accused shout on one of the boys to ‘come here’.

“They went over to him and the boy heard him talking about football. The boy said he was a Celtic fan and the accused said he was a Rangers fan during the conversation.

“In the course of the conversation the accused stated Rangers would win the Treble this year.

“The boy said ‘if they win I will come down mate and give you a pat on the back’.

“In response Goodfellow said ‘I want more than that – a blowjob’.

The accused continued to say ‘I am going to put my c*ck in your mouth – you will taste it’.”

The fiscal added the schoolboy was said to be left “shocked and weirded out” by Goodfellow’s sexual comments.

Goodfellow’s offenders management team had alerted police to his whereabouts and officers turned up at the harbour later that day.

The officers spotted Goodfellow chatting to a group of children and after speaking to him found a discarded bottle of Buckfast nearby.

The officers also discovered the pervert, who has numerous previous convictions for child sex abuse offences, was carrying 20 condoms and a bottle of Viagra tablets.

Sheriff Donald Corke deferred sentence for the preparation of reports to later this month and remanded Goodfellow in custody.

Goodfellow was jailed for seven years and placed on an indefinite SOPO for inciting a child to engage in sexual activity when he appeared at Preston Crown Court in 2005.

He was also handed a two-year sentence for sexual assault in 2009 while he was also jailed for seven months for breaching the SOPO in 2012.

February 2012

Burnley child sex offender jailed

A child sex offender banned from associating with youngsters regularly let a 15 year old boy visit his home, a court heard.

John Goodfellow, 52, had been given two jail terms and an indefinite sexual offences prevention order after molesting children.

He flouted the order repeatedly, was recalled to prison and has now been given another jail term.

Burnley Crown Court was told how Goodfellow had not been alone with the teenager when he went to his home in the town and was not said to have interfered with the boy.

Goodfellow, then of Ada Street, had admitted five ” specimen” breaches of the SOPO between last June and November, and had been committed for sentence by Pennine Magistrates.The defendant, who might not be released until 2014, was given a seven month sentence.

Sarah Statham, prosecuting, said under the SOPO, made in 2005 at Preston Crown Court, the defendant was not allowed to associate with or contact anyone under 16.

The 15 year old went to his home, where the group, including adults, would play a game with coins, during the summer holidays. He was said to have visited at least seven times.

Miss Statham said at no time did Goodfellow interfere with the youth, but the teenager told police he was aware the defendant was “gay” as there had been conversation of that nature whilst he has been in the house.

Goodfellow may have ordered some trainers for the 15-year-old from a catalogue, the court heard.

The prosecutor said: “This was behaviour which the crown say amounts perhaps to preliminary grooming.”

She added the defendant was now on recall on the extended licence from his last custodial sentence, until 2014.

In 2005 – The Lucky Star amusement arcade on the promenade in Blackpool is where John Goodfellow, a convicted child abuser, tried to entice a group of children back to his flat by giving them money to play on the slot machines. He was locked up for seven years for inciting a child to engage in sexual activity and in 2009 he got two years, with the extended licence, for sexual assault.

Philip Holden, for Goodfellow, said there had been no allegation the defendant invited the teenage boy to take part in sexual activity and adults had always been present.