February 2015

No prison for man who says he is ‘addicted’ to indecent images of children

A MAN became “addicted and haunted” by images of children being sexually abused, a court heard.

Children as young as one and three were featured in graphic indecent sexual pictures and videos, along with some images of bestiality.

They were all found on two computers belonging to Gareth Young, of Penymaes Road, Holywell.

Prosecutor Matthew Dunford told Mold Crown Court yesterday police raided Young’s home with a search warrant on June 20, 2013, and seized desktop and laptop computers.

On the computers they found 387 class A indecent images of children, the most serious.

There was also a total of 304 class B and 837 class C images and videos, some of which were also classified as the most serious.

There were 16 considered to be extreme pornography, including acts of bestiality.

Young, 29, had pleaded guilty to 11 charges of making and possessing indecent images and movies of children by downloading them from the internet.

In total he possessed 1,335 indecent images of children, nine movie files of children and 16 extreme photographic still images.

“When interviewed the defendant said he started looking for indecent images after seeing a documentary about how easy it was to access such things,” said Mr Dunford.

“He then became addicted to the images but those of children haunted him and made him feel sick but he continued to view them.”

Judge Niclas Parry told Young, who had no previous convictions: “You need to understand these dreadful images are what is happening to real live children. It is clearly an aggravating feature some of these children are as young as one and up to 14 years of age.

“It is also an aggravating feature that there are such a large number in category A.

“There is no question of distribution, no previous and you acted clearly out of character.

“A lot can be attributed to mental health difficulties set out in the report. I can sentence you far more constructively for the benefit of the public and offer you support.”

He sentenced Young to a total of 15 months in prison, suspended for two years.

Young was given a supervision requirement to attend a course for internet offenders for two years.

He will have to notify the police where he is living for 10 years and must not have contact with a child under 16 without approval. His use of computers will be restricted.

February 2015

Holywell man admits possession of child sex images & ‘dead animal’ porn 

A Holywell man has admitted possessing a shocking cache of child abuse images and pictures of people having sex with dead animals.

Gareth Young, 29, of Pen y Maes Road, pleaded guilty to 11 charges when he appeared at Mold Crown Court today.

He admitted making indecent images and movies by downloading them from the internet, possessing 1,335 indecent images of children, nine movie files of children, and 16 extreme photographic still images depicting in a grossly offensive and disgusting way a person performing intercourse and oral sex with live or dead animals.

But Judge Rhys Rowlands sitting at Mold Crown Court refused to proceed to sentencing and said that the CPS had not prepared to case properly.

No one wanted to view such images, he said, but he said that an agreed schedule of images should have been drawn up so that their classification could be agreed between the prosecution and defence.

He said that he wanted a written explanation why that had not been done.

“I am not going to sentence if the CPS are going to cut corners like this,” he said.

He could end up sentencing on completely the wrong premise.

Young was bailed pending sentence and was ordered to register as a sex offender in the meantime.