September 2017

Kevin Barnett is now free and living in Southport

Susan Barnett has changed her name to Lilli McGuire and has recently moved to Liverpool

Nikita Moore aka Nicola Williams (pictured below) is now back living in Barrow after a brief spell in Cockermouth

Photo below is Nikita Moore aka Nicola Williams (taken August 2017) She is now pregnant with twins & has dyed her hair again

February 2015

THREE “utterly depraved” paedophiles jailed

Three “utterly depraved” paedophiles – a married couple and another woman – have been jailed for plotting sickening sex attacks on young children.

Married couple Kevin and Susan Barnett and Nikita Moore shared plans to rape and sexually assault children on online messaging service WhatsApp.


Kevin Barnett, aged 28, of Rawlinson Street in Barrow, received a six year prison sentence for one count of arranging or facilitating the commission of a child sexual offence, jointly with his wife Susan Barnett, and two counts of conspiracy to commit a child sexual offence, jointly with 22-year-old co-defendant Nikita Moore.


The two female defendants, who were living together in Barnfield Lane, sobbed in court as Susan Barnett, 28, was handed a four and a half year sentence and Moore a four year sentence.

All three were convicted of sharing plans to rape and sexually assault young children in June 2014, via online messaging service WhatsApp, after a two and a half week trial in December.

Judge Christopher Cornwall, passing sentence at Preston Crown Court today (Tuesday), described how extreme sexual exchanges between Kevin Barnett and the two women descended into plans to abuse children.

He said: “By this time you had all sunk so low and your thinking was so distorted that all basic, fundamental morality protecting children from adult sexual provision was simply absent.”


Susan Barnett was told it was to her “eternal shame” that she did not react with “outrage” to her husband’s twisted suggestions.

Moore, who began an affair with Kevin Barnett following the funeral of her partner in October 2013, shared “violent sexual fantasies” with him involving giving birth to a child for them to abuse together.

She also shared indecent photos of children, and spoke of her desire to see him rape a young child.

Judge Cornwall said: “The offences were committed in quite extraordinary circumstances in which two women were so desperate to rekindle their relationships with Kevin Barnett, that they were prepared to indulge his every terrible whim.

“The content of the messages was truly horrific and utterly depraved.”

Judge Cornwall accepted that other than indecent images being shared, there was no evidence that any other physical abuse was enacted on children by the three defendants.

Kevin Barnett was described as a “baneful influence” on the two women, and was said to have “little understanding” of the harm he had caused.

Sentencing Susan Barnett, Judge Cornwall said: “You have a heavy burden to carry which you will be judged on for some considerable time to come.”

As well as the conspiracy and facilitation offences, Kevin Barnett and Moore were sentenced to six months, running concurrently with their other prison sentences, for possession of indecent images of children.

The Barnett’s each received six month concurrent sentences for possession of extreme pornographic images involving sexual activity with dogs and horses.

All three defendants were banned from working with children and ordered to sign the sex offender’s register indefinitely.

They also received a Sexual Offences Prevention Order placing severe restrictions on any future use of the internet, computers or devices capable of digitally storing images.

December 2014

TWISTED trio from Barrow who planned the sexual abuse of children have been found guilty on all charges


A jury took two and a half hours to reach a unanimous verdict against Kevin Barnett, his wife Susan Barnett and Nikita Moore at Preston Crown Court today. 

The Barnetts, both 28, faced two charges of arranging or facilitating the commission of a child sexual offence, while Kevin Barnett, together with Nikita Moore, also faced two charges of conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with a child. 


At the time of the offences Susan Barnett and Moore lived together in Barnfield Lane, Barrow, while Kevin Barnett lived at an address in Rawlinson Street. 

Their sick plans came to light after text messages were discovered on Kevin Barnett’s phone by police following his arrest for an unrelated matter. 


Sentencing will take place in February.

December 2014


A HUSBAND accused of plotting with his wife to sexually abuse children lives in “a highly sexualised word” where “nothing is ruled out”, a court heard.

Barristers in the trial of Kevin Barnett, Susan Barnett and Nikita Moore made their closing speeches at Preston Crown Court yesterday.

The trio, from Barrow, are charged with offences relating to an exchange of text messages discussing sex acts with children.

The messages came to light when police examined Kevin Barnett’s phone while attending an unrelated incident.

The jury, due to retire to consider its verdict today, must decide whether these messages broke the law by constituting a concrete agreement to sexually abuse children. Describing Kevin Barnett, 28, of Rawlinson Street, Mr Charles Brown, prosecuting, said: “It’s a highly sexualised world in which he appears to live.

“He is lost in a world of unusual sexual practices where nothing appears to be ruled out.”

Mr Brown said that Susan Barnett, 28, and Moore, 22, both of Barnfield Lane, were “besotted” with Barnett and willing to assist him.

Summing up, Mr Brown argued: “Can there be any doubt that had the opportunity presented itself that he would have abused children?”

Mr Brian Williams, defending Kevin Barnett, said the messages he sent were “vile, disgusting and depraved” but were pure fantasy and did not represent any genuine intent.

He told the jury: “As an advocate for Kevin Barnett I have a problem. You hate him, you have no sympathy for him because the content of these messages is sickening.

“But your contempt and disgust must not influence your verdict in this case.”

Mr Nicholas Kennedy, representing Susan Barnett, said the defendant had indulged her husband’s “vile suggestions” in order to win him back following their separation in January.

He argued she had no intention of committing child abuse.

Mr Andrew Scott, defending Nikita Moore, said: “These messages represent a discussion of sexual fantasies rather than an actual arrangement.

“As they say ‘talk is cheap’. It is little more than drunken drivel.”

The court heard that Moore and Kevin Barnett had already pleaded guilty to offences relating to the exchange of indecent images of children. Both will now be placed on the sex offenders register.

Kevin and Susan Barnett are charged with arranging or facilitating the commission of a child sex offence.

He is also charged, together with Moore, with two counts of conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with a child.

All three defendants deny these charges.

December 2014

THREE defendants accused of plotting to sexually abuse children created a “circle of deceit” in the months leading up to their arrest, a court heard.

Husband and wife Kevin and Susan Barnett, both 28 of Barrow, and Nikita Moore, 22, are charged with offences relating to text messages they exchanged in which they discussed sex with children.

Much of the evidence on the eighth day of their trial at Preston Crown Court focused on the relationships between the trio.

Yesterday, the court heard that Nikita Moore began an affair with Kevin Barnett shortly after the death of her long term partner Jason Baines, who killed himself in October 2013. Moore, who is originally from Birmingham, said the two had indulged in “unconventional” sexual practices.

Their relationship ended in early 2014 when Moore discovered Barnett was also having an affair with another woman.

After admitting the affair to Susan Barnett, Moore said the two women had become “really close” and began living together in Barnfield Lane, Barrow.

But Moore continued to secretly exchange messages with Kevin Barnett discussing underage sex and sharing indecent images of children.

Moore’s defence barrister Mr Andrew Scott said: “You would agree that at this point it has become a circle of deceit between you.”

Asked why she had had the affair and continued to exchange messages with Barnett, Moore said: “I just wanted someone who would be there for as much as Jason, I don’t know what I was thinking, I really don’t.

“Things were really messed up but when I met Kev everything seemed normal just for a second.

“I was absolutely besotted with him, everything revolved around him at that point.”

Mr Scott asked if the messages regarding sex with children had been fantasy or reality.

Moore said: “It definitely wasn’t reality, I don’t know where my head was I don’t even know how I thought of something like that it makes me physically sick.”

Under cross examination by Mr Charles Brown, prosecuting, Moore was asked directly if she intended to act on the messages by sexually abusing children with Kevin Barnett.

She said: “No. I would never have done that. There is a difference between what you say you will do and what you actually do.”

Kevin Barnett, of Rawlinson Street, Barrow, and his wife are charged with two counts of arranging or facilitating the commission of a child sex offence.

He is also charged, together with Moore, with two counts of conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with a child.

All three defendants deny the charges. The trial continues.