May 2017

Sex offender fantasised about the “abduction, rape and murder of children”

A pervert who fantasised about the “abduction, rape and murder of children” has been sentenced to five years behind bars.

Southampton Crown Court heard how Nathan Long downloaded in the region of 5,000 indecent images, distributed around 900 images and indulged in sexual fantasies while communicating online with others who had a sexual interest in children.

Prosecuting, Rob Griffiths said the 27-year-old admitted to chatting with a girl, from Coventry, he believed to be nine years old – although they did not know whether this was her actual age or not, and that it could have been an adult posing as a child.

Mr Griffiths said the girl had told Long she had been abused all her life and that this gave him sexual gratification.

The court heard Long, of Onslow Road, Southampton had discussed meeting up with the girl although he claimed he would have never have followed through with it.

Mr Griffiths said Long also convinced the girl to send an inappropriate picture of herself to him.

Long pleaded guilty to 23 counts, which included three counts of breaching a sexual prevention order (SPO), seven charges for possessing indecent images, ten for distributing them, one charge for possessing an image of a child and one count of inciting a child under 13 to engage in sexual activity.

Long was made subject to an indefinite SPO in July 2014 and received a two-year sentence for 35 offences for making and distributing indecent images of children. He also posed as a young girl to talk to fellow paedophiles on Internet chat room sites.

When officers visited his address in January 2016, they found a number of undeclared devices which could access the internet.

Police found a number of moving images, namely 76 category A, 22 category B and five category A as well as 16 bestiality videos.

There were also a number of still images, namely 833 category As, 946 category Bs and 3,057 category Cs – as well as 83 involving bestiality. Images are rated A to C, with A being the most severe. The images involved children as young as six months old.

Judge Nicholas Rowland said the offence involving a nine-year-old girl was very serious.

“I have seen the chat log which shows what you were doing to that child, encouraging her to send an image of herself.

“You accepted you were involved in group chats with others with sexual interests in children. The fantasies which you had indulged in were extreme. There were communications about certain fantasies that referenced the abduction, rape and possible murder of children.

“An immediate sentence is required for the protection of the public.”

August 2014

Paedophile poses as young girl to talk to older men and trade images

nathan long

A SOUTHAMPTON man posed as a young teenage girl to talk to fellow paedophiles on Internet chat room sites, the city crown court heard.

Nathan Long was arrested after police had received a tip-off from computer giants Microsoft who provided details of an email account being used to download pornographic pictures of children.

They traced the information to a house in Southampton where Long immediately confessed he had been responsible. His computer and iPhone were then seized for analysis.

Long told investigators he had been using the site for up to two years after someone had sent him an image. He said he knew it was wrong but he continued.

He then went on to describe how he had posed as a 13-year-old girl to talk to older men, and had traded images.

Prosecutor Rachel Robert-son told the city crown court: “He had also discussed at various times the kidnap, rape and murder of children and encouraged others to act in that way.” He also claimed he had been abusing children but insisted it was all fantasy.

Long, 24, of Westwood Road, admitted 35 charges incorporating the possession and distribution of more than 850 still and moving images Recorder Nicholas Haggan QC jailed Long for two years. After his release he must attend a probation service run Internet sex offenders programme.

Long also received a sexual offenders prevention order to run indefinitely, was banned from working with children and placed on the sex offenders register.

In mitigation, Mark Florida-James described Long as a depressed and lonely man. “He is terrified of going to prison,” said Mr Florida-James. Long was of previous good character.