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October 2016: Brewin released

July 2014

Mum screams ‘pig’ as paedophile is jailed for abusing her 7 yr old daughter

Christopher Brewin

A mother has spoken of her nightmare after the paedophile who abused her seven-year-old daughter was jailed for six years.

Christopher Brewin, 32, sobbed in the dock as details of his “sickening” crimes were read out at Hull Crown Court.

Now, as he starts his six-year jail sentence, the mother of his victim has told of her anger at what he did.

“We have finally got closure and now, me and my family can move on,” she said after the hearing.

“Every day since I found out has been a struggle but we can all move on now”

Brewin, formerly of Corbridge Close, east Hull, pleaded guilty to causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity, taking indecent photographs of a child and the sexual assault of a child.

His crimes came to light after his victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, told her mother that she had her photograph taken by Brewin.

When police arrived at his house, they searched the property and found notes and lists of what he intended to do to her, along with pornographic DVDs hidden among children’s clothes.

A later search of his iPad found 392 indecent images, a number of which were explicit images of the girl, taken by Brewin, who was high on amphetamines and cannabis at the time.

Prosecuting, Richard Walker, said: “The complainant asked her mother if the defendant had shown her a photograph of her on the iPad. She didn’t want to give any details.

“Officers attended his address on January 3. His first query was whether it was about drugs, then he asked about Facebook. They replied no and he then went pale and began to sob.

“When he was arrested he said ‘I have never done anything wrong, it is the speed, it makes me filthy and dirty. I don’t want to do it when I haven’t had speed’.”

When Mr Walker went on to describe the discovery of the notes, some of which described the photographs he was going to take, Judge Mark Bury warned the packed public gallery to “prepare themselves” because what they were about to hear would be “very distressing”.

One note read: “I really can’t believe I am doing this for real but I can’t help it and to be honest, it was always going to happen …”

Mr Walker said: “He said he had taken a lot of speed at the time and said he created the photograph in his head and had written things down like a story but never had the intention of making them real.”

In mitigation, Jeremy Lindsay, said: “It is not possible to explain this depraved behaviour such as this against a child. There is no doubt her mother has been severely affected.

“He accepts responsibility, stating ‘I am to blame’.

“He said ‘at one point I hated people who touch kids and I hate myself because I have gone and done it myself’.

“There is an element of remorse for what he has done and the effects it has had on the people it involves.”

As Judge Bury sentenced Brewin to six years in jail, the victim’s mother screamed from the gallery: “You dirty pig, you dirty pig, how dare you.”

Judge Bury told Brewin: “This was planned, the evidence for that is in the notes that you made.

“You said you only do that when you are under the influence. I don’t believe that for one moment, that has not caused your behaviour, it is simply how you are.”

The mother of Christopher Brewin’s victim is too scared to let her children play outside.

In a victim impact statement read by Judge Mark Bury as he jailed Brewin for six years, she said: “This has all made me feel sick to my stomach.

“I am really anxious all the time and I don’t let the kids out of my sight.”

Judge Bury said: “She had a house lined up to live independently but she feels unable to take that on at present because she needs the security and comfort of her own parents at home and feels she can’t protect her children any more.

“She blames herself.”

After the hearing she told the Mail: “I don’t even let my kids play outside because I feel like I can’t trust anyone.

“Hopefully, with time, that will go, but, at the moment, I just feel I need to protect them from everyone and everything.”