July 2015

Topsham internet predator jailed for grooming girl through online messaging service


An internet predator with a history of child sexual offences has been jailed after he groomed a schoolgirl through an online messaging service and arranged to meet her for sex.

Antony Turner persuaded the girl to send him a picture of her breasts and was on his way to meet her when a support worker at the hostel where he was living found out about the plan and called the police.

The girl went to the rendezvous at Chester Railway station where Turner had arranged to meet her before going to a nearby park, Exeter Crown Court was told.

She was so traumatised by Turner’s grooming she started self harming and told police she was a ‘quivering wreck’ when strange cars pulled up outside her home.

Her mother said she felt her daughter had ‘been violated by a predator’.

Turner also asked a 13-year-old girl to start a sexual relationship and send him images of herself but she refused and eventually told her parents.

He was found with more than 90 child abuse images on his phone and eight extreme images.

Turner, aged 20, of Exeter Road, Topsham, admitted meeting a child following sexual grooming, causing a child to engage in sexual activity, seven offences of possessing or making indecent photographs and breaching a Sexual Offences Prevention Order.

He was jailed for a total of 33 months by Judge Douglas Field, who warned him he would face a very long sentence if he commits any similar offences in the future.

He told him:”Your behaviour towards young girls is worrying and you have been in denial about the way you have been behaving. You have a distorted attitude and think what you are doing is entirely normal.

“You have sought to minimise your behaviour and blame others for what you have done. It is time for you to take responsibility for your actions.”

Mr Peter Coombe, prosecuting, said Turner made contact with the girl on social media and carried on the conversation on the Kik messenger service. He told her he was 18 and worked in catering.

As the contact continued he asked her to send images of her breasts, sent naked pictures of himself and asked her to have sex with him. They arranged to meet at Chester but a worker at the hostel where he was living became aware of his plans and alerted the police.

In victim impact statements the girl said Turner had encouraged her to lie to her mother and left her as ‘a quivering wreck’. The mother said:”I feel as if my daughter has been violated by a predator.”

Checks on Turner’s phone and computers showed he had child abuse images, including some of the worst type, and some extreme images.

Police later discovered he had met a 13-year-old girl at Exmouth and also asked her to send him images and asked her if she wanted to start a relationship with him.

He also broke a court order which prevented him having unsupervised contact with a vulnerable adult, who he had previously had sex with when they were both under age.

June 2014

Patient at therapeutic hostel found with child abuse images

A patient at a therapeutic hostel was found with child abuse images on a tablet computer after staff spotted him trying to hide the device under his bed.

Antony Turner, aged 19, was ordered to receive supervision after a Judge told him the public would be best protected by him receiving help and treatment.

He was a resident at the hostel in Topsham when he was found with images of children as young as two and three last month.

Turner, of Seabrook, Topsham, admitted five counts of making indecent images and was made subject of a three year community order by Recorder Mr Edward Burgess at Exeter Crown Court.

He has already spent almost a month in jail awaiting sentence.

He told him:”It is important that you understand this is a serious crime. It involved terrible exploitation of children as young as two or three and the things done to them are unspeakable.

“They are done so people can publish the images on the internet and you are encouraging them to do that by looking at this material. The courts have to stop people doing that to prevent children suffering in this way.

“I acknowledge you have problems and you need to have the proper help and therapeutic intervention.”

Mr Gordon Richings, prosecuting, said the images were found on a tablet computer after staff at the hostel became suspicious because they saw Turner hurriedly hiding it as they came into his room.

Police found still and moving images of children being abused.