November 2016

A sick pervert escaped jail despite admitting to having sex with four underage girls

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A PERVERT who had sex with four underage girls dodged a prison term after his second conviction — despite breaking a probation order for the first.

Predator Daniel Comrie, 22, escaped with 300 hours’ unpaid work after admitting a string of sex offences.

His shocking sentence was slammed by a victim who was 14 when she was targeted in Perth with two others of 15.

Cassandra Davidson waived her right to anonymity following his let-off — four years after he got community service for abusing another schoolgirl.

She said: “He denied the offence against me for two years before pleading guilty. I thought he’d go to prison.

“When he didn’t, I was angry, upset and miserable.

“The courts say to report it but after I plucked up the courage to tell someone I got messed about by the justice system.”

Comrie was put on the sex offenders register and probation at Perth Sheriff Court in 2012.

But just months later he started texting Cassandra, who had no idea about his seedy past.

She recalled: “I met him on my school lunch break.

“He was quite charming. Later that day we had sex for the first time in a field near Wellshill Cemetery in Perth.

“He told me it had to remain a secret due to him having other girlfriends.

“I realise now I was very naive — and he took advantage of that.”

Cassandra, now 18, was with Comrie when cops turned up at his flat two years ago.

She said: “I was 16 then but he whispered to me, ‘You’re 17’. The police quickly found out that I was lying.

“But I had no idea that he was on probation and wasn’t allowed to be with anyone under 17.”

Comrie, of Alyth, Perthshire, was sentenced at the High Court in Edinburgh earlier this month.

He’d pled guilty to having sex with Cassandra when she was 14 and 15 and with two other girls when they were aged 15.


October 2013

Online Ban On Perthshire Sex Attacker Rejected

A sheriff has refused to let social workers ban a child sex offender from using online dating sites.

Daniel Comrie – who carried out sex attacks on a 14-year-old schoolgirl – has already been told to let social workers regularly check his mobile phone.

But a bid by the social work department to impose a ban on him contacting strangers on the internet was rejected by a sheriff at Perth.

Perth and Kinross Council’s social work department wanted the strict conditions imposed as part of Comrie’s community payback order.

But Sheriff Lindsay Foulis rejected their application and said: “I am not convinced this should be part of the terms of a community payback order.

“I have grave difficulties in considering this condition should be part of a CPO. 

“I am not prepared to grant the application. 

“That, of course, doesn’t indicate that Mr Comrie shouldn’t be careful as far as his behaviour is concerned.”

The sheriff said the condition would have been more appropriately contained in a Sexual Offences Prevention Order, which Comrie is not currently the subject of.

The 18-year-old sex offender challenged the social work ban so he could be allowed to use the BBM messaging service.

Comrie told Perth Sheriff Court the Blackberry facility would allow him to communicate with friends who had also signed up to the service.

The teenager was controversially allowed to walk free from court earlier this year despite a sheriff telling him he posed “a clear risk” of striking again.

He was placed on probation for the sex attacks and it emerged that social workers monitoring him had denied him access to web dating sites.

Solicitor Stephanie Ross, defending, said: “His position is that he does use his mobile phone to access internet sites, but it is not dating sites.

“It is Facebook, which he accesses on rare occasions, and BBM Messenger, where two people who have accounts can correspond with each other.

“I wouldn’t call it an internet dating site. 

“It’s a social networking site. 

“It opens when he accesses his phone and it’s people he knows and are friends with.”

Fiscal depute Robbie Brown said: “Internet dating is a loose concept.”

In April this year, Sheriff Robert McCreadie told Comrie that he should “confront his own behaviour” in the community rather than being sent to detention.

He said: “I warn you, that if you do not change your behaviour there’s clearly a risk – a medium risk according to the report – that you will do something similar.”

Referring to the social work assessment, Sheriff McCreadie said: “The report indicates he has little understanding of the long-term destructive characteristics of his behaviour.”

Perth Sheriff Court heard how Comrie’s victim descended into anorexia after suffering trauma in the wake of being sexually assaulted by the apprentice panel beater.

The schoolgirl struggled to cope as she kept the abuse secret for two years before finally breaking down and reporting what had happened.

The girl, who was 14 at the time and cannot be named for legal reasons, suffered dramatic weight loss and depression in the wake of the sex attacks.

Comrie, 18, Alyth, Perthshire, admitted abusing the girl on two occasions in Perthshire and Glasgow between October 2009 and June 2010.

Comrie took advantage of sleeping arrangements at a party to force himself upon the girl and then carried out a similar act in Glasgow a few months later.

He went on to claim he had been “bullied” by the girl, but later confessed that he had carried out the indecent acts which she had described.

Comrie was placed on the Sex Offenders Register for three years and placed on probation for the same period. 

He was ordered to undergo a sex offenders programme and carry out 160 hours unpaid work.