April 2015

Pervert blatantly breached court order by contacting schoolgirls on Facebook

The 21-year-old was made the subject of a Sexual Offences Prevention Order (SOPO) last April for an offence of sexual grooming.

But within months he breached the order by contacting girls on Facebook.

He was yesterday told he had ‘burnt his bridges’ by a judge who jailed him for 12 months at Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court.

Prosecutor Deborah Gould said the first complainant received a ‘friend request’ from the defendant on December 13.

But her mum told her not to speak to him because he ‘appeared peculiar’.

He sent messages but the 14-year-old was told to ‘block’ him.

The girl’s vigilant mum then researched Potter on the internet and discovered he was a sex offender.

Other girls were found on his friends profile.

Mrs Gould said: “One of the girl’s profiles showed she was wearing a school uniform.”

The defendant was arrested an interviewed. He told police he understood the terms of the SOPO. He said he sent out random Facebook requests to people he did not know.

He said he did not remember sending the three girls a friend request.

Potter, of Mars Street, Smallthorne, pleaded guilty to three charges of breaching a SOPO.

Anis Ali, mitigating, said Potter comes from a dysfunctional family.

Mr Ali said Potter is craving for assistance and guidance.

He added: “He is making good progress. He has demonstrated his intention to comply with the requirements of the sex offender programme.”

Jailing Potter, Judge David Fletcher said: “In December a very vigilant mother of a 14-year-old girl saw what was going on on her daughter’s Facebook page and had the good sense to search for your details and discover you were a sex offender. She reported it to the police.

“You had been doing exactly the same sort of trawling on the internet and had contacted two other schoolgirls.

“You have ploughed on and continued to blatantly breach orders made at this court.

“I have to be concerned about the effect of your behaviour on young teenage girls. Their interests have to be protected.

“You have burnt your bridges on the basis of your behaviour.”

April 2014

Pervert sent teen text messages wanting sex after meeting her on Facebook

PERVERT Luke Potter sent a 14-year-old girl texts asking her to send him pictures of her naked.

The 20-year-old used false names when contacting the schoolgirl on social networking site Facebook and even told her he had cancer.

He was aware of her age but when she added her mobile phone number on Facebook the defendant began sending her sexually implicit texts.

Potter has now been sentenced to a lengthy community order and placed on the sex offenders’ register for five years.

Prosecutor Nick Tatlow told Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court Potter asked to meet the teenager after contacting her on Facebook but she refused.

Potter responded by sending a text saying he would take her to the woods and have sex with her.

The girl showed the text to her parents and her mum sent Potter texts telling him to stay away from her daughter.

But on May 22, 2012, Potter, who was then aged 18, sent a series of texts including, ‘I am going to have sex with your daughter so hard she screams, ha ha’.

Police arrested Potter on October 11, 2012. He accepted speaking to a girl on Facebook but denied sending the texts.

In a later interview he accepted sending the texts and admitted he knew the girl was 14. He said he was angry and the texts were intended to scare her.

Potter, of Perry Close, Hanley, pleaded guilty to attempting to meet a girl under 16 following sexual grooming on the day of his trial.

The court heard Potter has a caution for sending menacing messages to a young female.

Catherine O’Reilly, mitigating, said Potter has been making efforts to address his problems.

Judge David Fletcher sentenced Potter to a three-year community order with supervision and a requirement to complete the community sex offender group work programme.

He was also made the subject of a five-year Sexual Offences Prevention Order (SOPO) and placed him on the sex offenders’ register for five years.

The judge also made a residence requirement which means Potter has to live where directed by the probation service. He will not be allowed to live with his brothers who are both subject to SOPOs themselves.

Judge Fletcher said: “I have seen the nature of the text messages which you sent to this girl, this child, who was 14.

“She indicated she did not want to continue liaison with you. Your response was to send a particularly distressing message you knew her mother would read.”