September 2017

Torquay sex offender broke man’s jaw for calling him a paedophile

Stephen Lobb

A convicted sex offender who broke a man’s jaw for calling him a ‘nonce’ has walked free from court after the judge heard he reacted to ‘extreme provocation’.

Stephen Lobb, 23, attacked Casey Marriott outside Superdrug in Paignton after he was taunted about his conviction for sex offences against girls under 16.

He jumped on his victim’s back, punched him three times in the head and kneed him in the face, Exeter Crown Court was told.

The victim suffered a fractured jaw in three places, lost teeth, and needed hospital treatment for bleeding on the brain.

Lobb has 26 previous convictions to his name for 55 offences

Lobb was jailed for 16 months, suspended for two years, told to take part in Rehabilitation Activity Requirement, and do 100 hours of unpaid work.

February 2014

Predator contacted girl, 14, hours after jail release – got her pregnant and bullied her into abortion

A sexual predator from Plymouth who contacted a 14-year-old just hours after being freed from prison has been jailed after he made her pregnant and bullied her into having an abortion.

Stephen Lobb seduced the victim despite having been jailed for making another under age girl pregnant. He contacted her on the day after he was let out.

When the girl from Plymouth became pregnant he told her to ‘get rid of it’ and then left her for another girl who was only a few months older.

Lobb, aged 20, formerly of Paradise Road, Plymouth, but now living in Carlton Road, Torquay, admitted four offences of sexual activity with children and was jailed for three and a half years at Exeter Crown Court.

Judge Francis Gilbert, QC, told him:”In April 2012 you were sentenced to eight weeks in a Young Offenders’ Institution for eight weeks for sexual activity with a child under 16, who had become pregnant as a result of what you did. That was extremely lenient.

“You were released on May 30 and the following day you contacted a 14-year-old girl. As a result of that you were arrested but the case was discontinued and you were released.

“You should have learned your lesson and kept well away but on the next day, knowing full well her age, you contacted her and persuaded her to have sex with you

“You had sex with her ten to 12 times and she says she was always reluctant but you persisted. You did not use contraception and in October she became pregnant.

“You told her to ‘get rid of it’, which is not a very nice way to speak to a young girl of that age. She had a termination and you told her not to tell her mother about you.

“That would have been bad enough, but you went on to have sexual intercourse with another girl of 15. She said no on the first occasion because of her age but you persuaded her.

“You must have known these girls were under 16. The law is there to protect young girls from their own folly and from predation from young men like you.

“Offences like these frequently cause quite severe psychological consequences. You flouted the law in a most disgraceful fashion.”

Mr David Sapiecha, prosecuting, said the 14-year-old girl met Lobb in Plymouth shortly after his release from his previous sentence and the relationship carried on despite his re-arrest and release for grooming her.

He told her to have an abortion when she became pregnant but did not go with her to the clinic and his only contact afterwards was a Facebook invitation to meet some months later.

He befriended the second girl who was just 15 and had sex with her three or four times. When arrested he claimed both girls were liars.

Miss Anne Bellchambers, defending, said Lobb has already taken courses in jail to help him find work on his release and is keen to attend courses which will address his attitude to women and improve his social skills.